Girls Aloud

Considering it's literally a speaker which has nothing to do with the single I assume it was considered to be?
Considering the main version was not a speaker I'm not so sure

i loved Mel C's top hat during headlines it was different and yet so sporty
Nothing says "sports" like a top hat!
You guys make me think that their Greatest Hits selling very well without their faces on the cover probably explain why the label didnt want their faces on the Tangled Up cover

There's an argument that their brand was so strong at these points that they could sell albums without their pictures on the cover. They were sort of right but, boy, were both covers fugly.
All their tours were so consistently fun and amazing. The only song I wish they would’ve performed but never did would be Swinging London Town.
Whilst I love it, I don’t think Swinging would have worked in a live setting. I was surprised they didn’t use it as a cool video interlude on tour though. Similarly to Every Now And Then…
HMV had it listed early alongside the original tracklist (that's how we found out a studio version of 'What A Feeling' was meant to be on it) before they recorded 'I Think We're Alone Now'.

It’s a Pop travesty that we never got ‘What a Feeling’ as the tour version slaps, especially Nicola when she literally goes to town with those vocals! Absolute sleighs!

Wild Horses is such a monster-bop. Why wasn't it a single? It's brilliant.

One of the best, still in my top ten Girls Aloud tracks of all time. Some come and (Watch Me) go, but ‘Wild Horses’ is a staple in my Girls Aloud discog and if they had released it, it would have been that era’s ‘Wake Me Up’!
Cheryl discussing Girls Aloud in today’s Independent:

‘Cheryl’s tenacity has never been in question; she also has form when it comes to proving people wrong, which bodes well for her performance in 2:22 A Ghost Story. Because they were formed on Popstars: The Rivals, Girls Aloud weren’t really expected to last. But they completely obliterated the music industry’s low expectations by racking up 20 consecutive top 10 hits with modern pop classics including “The Promise”, “Biology” and “Sound of the Underground”. The latter, Cheryl notes proudly, “still slaps”. Girls Aloud worked hard and gradually earned the respect of their peers: their hit “Love Machine” was covered by Arctic Monkeys, they supported Coldplay at Wembley Stadium, and finally, in 2009, they won a long overdue Brit Award. “I believe the five of us were meant to be together,” Cheryl says. “When you mixed our personalities, I think we were relatable to a lot of young girls at that time. And the music was fun and kind of timeless because it captured a moment of the Noughties. That’s what I’m most proud of.”

Girls Aloud went their separate ways in 2013 after a farewell arena tour, but Cheryl remains close to her bandmates Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh. When Roberts competed on Strictly Come Dancing on Christmas Day, it was incredibly poignant to see her three bandmates in the audience without the fifth member, Sarah Harding, who died of complications from breast cancer in September 2021. “It’s just not something you ever think will be part of your story,” Cheryl says, welling up. “You look back and you can’t help thinking, God, when she was coming into tour rehearsals kicking her heels that [in] 15-20 years we’d be mourning her loss.” By this point, tears are streaming down Cheryl’s face, but she keeps her composure. “But if anything, it’s brought us all closer together,” she says. “We reconnected a lot over the last few years. Bittersweet, very bittersweet, but it just reminds you how much you love each other.”

In October, Cheryl and her bandmates held a fundraising gala in Harding’s honour, but there are no plans to tour as a four-piece. “I think right now, it still feels pretty s****y,” she says. “It’s not long [since Harding died] and even for Sarah’s mam and brother...” Cheryl lets the thought hang, before confirming that no one feels ready to regroup. “We’re not there. We’re not there yet,” she continues. “I wouldn’t ever say never because I’ve learned in life to not do that. But there isn’t anything on the cards and we haven’t spoken [about anything] outside of friendship in the last few years. We haven’t spoken about Girls Aloud; we’ve only spoken about life.”

Full interview:
In time I think the remaining girls will be ready. Honestly because it was their main reason for success and their marks in music history. Eventually I believe they will find bringing the tours back to be very nostalgic and heartwarming regarding Sarah's memory. It'll be different that's a given but with most fans behind in support as well as the media will probably be all for it too it'll be easier to get behind the idea and have fun! I don't think either of them firmly said to never associate with Girls Aloud again because as time flies it'll be years and even a decade later when the grief will be very minimal to not be ok and go ahead with a great comeback.
I feel for all of them when it comes to the idea of a reunion. The idea of looking around and not having Sarah over their shoulder on stage must be a gut punch nobody wants to feel. As a fan, I would be heartbroken if they never got back together but I can fully support them if they don't. This isn't Victoria staying home. Sarah's gone. If they felt so inclined to re-release their material on physicals for the nostalgia/bring the fans together that way, go for it.
I honestly don't feel like we will get a reunion tour to be honest. I can see Nadine being up for it, as she seems to really love Girls Aloud. Cheryl honestly strikes me as the least likely member to want to do it as something about the way she answers questions is like Girls Aloud is really something in her past, proud of what they achieved but part of her past. Kimberley also gives me a similar feeling to Cheryl, plus I feel like Kimberley is more interested in being a mother / and doing her brand deals etc. Nicola I'm unsure to be honest, part of me feels like she is similar to Cheryl and Kimberley, but then she also strikes me a bit like Nadine and would genuinely enjoy the prospect of getting back together.