Girls Aloud

I love Something New but it probably wouldn't make my top 5. But honestly? The only single they've released that I'm not a massive fan of is Can't Speak French - it's not even a bad song, I just think we should have gotten Girl Overboard instead. Oh and Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me - I always forget that one exists, genuinely haven't played it since 2013 ddd
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I think the beauty of some of their best music is the fusion of real instrumentals with the electronic elements. For me, as much as I love Something New and Every Now & Them they both lacked real instruments. The tracks/music felt a simple and basic. They lacked the infectiousness that SOTU, TS, TP, Sexy, SKO, CPF all had. Although you can’t deny the power and impact of Something New.
I adore Something New.

And I agree the only thing that bothers me about it which I've said before is that the line isnt

Feel the beat deep underground coz tonight we're Girls Aloud

What a huge missed opportunity. It was literally screaming out to be that.