Girls Aloud

It looks like the pic was taken last week at Mighty Hoopla. I imagine the team took the vinyl along with them for the girls to pose with and Nicola's (potentially Nadine's too) will be posted later in the week
Not sure if this was ever posted before but I stumbled across the Androgynous Girls demo. It’s a different vocal take/ alternate vocals and a different arrangement. I wonder if this was the structure they intended for the when it was meant to be a single?

This is actually better than the final song! Thanks for sharing.
I love how 'She' is sung by Cheryl, Nicola, Sarah and Kimberley for the most part (bitching) about a carefree woman full of confidence who manages to nab blokes without a care... then for Nadine to give it full diva, belting the outro in the role of said woman.

''She'' is great. Going for a bit longer than it had to, and Nadine's outro owns the song, but yeah, it's truly great.


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Drag Race Spain led me to a spanish Britney of sorts Natalia and I noticed her debut album from 2002 is a Xenomania production with some songs sharing credits with early GA songs (even Betty Boo!)

And this song from her next album is so much like Sound of the Underground / Wake Me Up.

This song sounds more like a remake of Debelah Morgan’s Dance with Me fff.