Girls Aloud

Chemistry is the only one that needs a re-write from the last couple of singles. Long Hot Summer and Biology are great but then it should have been:

Whole Lotta History/I Wanna Kiss You So
Watch Me Go/Waiting
Chemistry is a strange one.

Long Hot Summer should have actually been an orphaned single. A great place saver between albums.

Biology was the perfect lead single for the campaign

The Christmas single should have been A Wole Lotta History (coupled with Not Tonight Santa) See The Day should have just been the b side.

This would have the left room for both Models and Waiting to be singles 3 and 4.

And then it would have left room for Singapore to be on the album.

On My Way To Satisfaction would have then served a great b side to Models or Waiting
I love Long Hot Summer but after the huge punches in the face of "What The Fuck is this???" pop amazingness of Sound of The Underground and The Show it feels a bit dare I say it... Meh.

On the other hand the video is absolutely iconic and one of their very best. The promo performances were great too.

Chemistry is such a bizarre era to me because even though I love it as an album I find it hard to pick out single choices... Everything is either a bit too tame or a bit too "out there".

Models and Watch Me Go have amazing video potential though.

Also Not Tonight Santa is the biggest classic Christmas wasted opportunity of all time.
Let’s all just take a second to remember that Wicked Game nearly lead Chemistry!
I think they rushed Long Hot Summer to get the film sound track. If they were further progressed with the album then it might have been a totally different roll out of singles.

Waiting, Wild Horses and Models could have all been strong singles in my opinion. I’d be happy if See The Day was erased. I think Long Hot Summer deserved its moment.

Waiting (1st single)
Biology/Whole Lotta History to launch the album
Wild Horses
I honestly always forget about Long Hot Summer, I like the song but it takes me a minute to realise Biology wasn't the first single from Chemistry. I agree that for an album that housed songs such as Biology, Wild Horses and Watch Me Go, Long Hot Summer had no business being the lead single. It's a nice album track that I always bop to when it comes on but definitely doesn't scream the main selling point of an album campaign.