Girls Aloud

Maybe it's just the lens I'm seeing the reaction to all this through (which is loveofhuns and gay twitter) but it overall seems to be very positive. I just seen a meme page share the tweet of someone posting Walk This Way for that 'name a famous battle' and people are commenting 'cracking song' and 'putting it on in the car now'!
The way I can’t really concentrate on a lot of things this week due to the impending announcement.
The timing is pretty ingenious too, with it being very nearly 21 years since forming. Are we still under the impression Fascination are involved with this?

I’d take a double disc affair of the biggest hits on one and new material on the other if they are going down a route of greatest hits.
This is properly exciting and good timing since I’ve been slowly discovering their discography, it would be nice to experience a new era in real-time. I’ve only listened to the debut so far. What album is everyone’s favourite and why?
The only difference that people have noticed are the car lights. Nicola's is red, and Kimberley's is pink (not sure whether it was here or on Twitter it was posted. Of course, it could be a filter that was applied to the post?)
Maybe they are their superhero colours?