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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Apr 17, 2009.

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    How awful must it be to go from a major record deal to hoping you'll make it through The X-Factor audition stages. Girls Can't Catch were a bit shit as a whole but I did like some of their songs.
  2. Did anyone see Daizy on X Factor tonight?

    She didn't get through.
  3. I thought it was her, she was a mess...
  4. She did!

    Thats editing for ya. Daizy's audition was in London with Rita Ora, and got 4 big yeses and a huge applause.
  5. Really? That's so odd, I'd be annoyed if they did that to me. I mean its obvious she didn't get through the bootcamp stages if they edited it like that but it seems a bit evil to not show her getting through the initial TV round.
  6. Keep Your Head Up came on today while I was at the gym. That song is still a bop. Basic but a bop.
  7. Scream
  8. The leaked tracks from their never released album were so good. Last One Standing, Mind It and Turn Me Up were those bops.
  9. 'The forum used to be so much better years ago!!!!!!'
  10. Thanks to this messy revival, I'm hammering Echo for the rest of the night.
  11. But are you doing the dance move waving your hand by the side of your head?
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  12. I say this about once every 6 months somewhere on this forum, but their leaked album is honestly one of my favourite girlband albums of all time, probably 3rd after Spiceworld and Tangled Up.

    Turn Me Up
    Another Day
    Discover Me
    Last One Standing
    Happy Alone
    Mind It
    You're The Kinda Man
    Their cover of Les Artistes

    An absolute CRIME that these recordings will never be bothered with again.
  13. Happy Alone and Another Day were so good.
  14. Gonna be in your head for days, top of your list, request to play, boy on your stereoOH.

    That chorus is still so infectious.
  15. Their cover of LES Artistes is actually pretty good for a song that was already great.
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  16. Didn't Shaznay write this? She knows her head around a hook and chorus - that's for sure!
  17. Echo is awful. Keep Your Head Up is where my interest lies.

    Of course it's aged terribly anyway but it's interesting to think of where the group could have gone.
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  18. Girls Can't Catch.....
    a hit
  19. Alone, Another Day, their cover of Les Artistes and Keep Your Head Up were THE bops.

    Echo has aged awfully.
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  20. Sorry to drag up this thread after years, but I'm ridiculously late to appreciating this group, and getting into their songs (their LES Artistes is AMAZING).
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