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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Keep Your Head Up has somehow sneaked its way into the top ten of my Spotify wrapped for this year. I really do think it's a great little pop song and desvered much better.
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  2. I hate how much time I still have for ‘Keep Your Head Up’. Not exactly in @Runawaywithme ’s level but still enjoy it so much. I’m always imitating the final adlibs wildly!
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  3. My stanning of flop 2009 girlbands is my passion and brand.
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  4. Looking back at some of their interviews, I feel like even if Keep Your Head Up and Echo went top 10 and they started to become a force, Phoebe's personality and behaviour would've been their demise. I know she was only, what, 18, 19 at the time? But still, people would've been turned off by her and not bought into the brand. Shame really as her voice is fantastic.
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  5. Agreed. Daizy was my favorite anyways.
  6. I can't imagine how weird it must feel being 18/19 and signing to a major record label and being super hyped up about becoming a massive popstar, only for the wheels to just slowly come falling off and then around a year later be dropped. It must be such a head-fuck and I wonder if there was any kind of support for them when it was over.
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  7. I'm almost positive that Phoebe and Daisy detested each other.
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  8. I feel for Jess in this one...

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  9. There were rumours that they did get on and that Jess was sidelined. But I don't know if there was any truth to that.
  10. This feels like one of those "It's the BLANK for me..." TikTok videos, but where the friends actually start fighting because they went too far. And it's super uncomfortable and cringey.
  11. That interview is brutal. Poor Jess! At the time I remember really liking Daizy.
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  12. That interview... what happened to the interviewer? He was kinda cute.

    While Daizy was my favorite during their run, the only one of the trio I felt bad for when they ended was Jess. She had a great voice and seemed like she was a great team player.

    Phoebe I found absolutely insufferable and I never liked her voice.

  13. These sound good, never heard them before.
  14. Apparently the whole album in it’s due to be released form leaked over the weekend. Those two were on it as well
  15. Is there a chance we will hear the whole thing, then? Can't wait!
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  16. you have the tracklist in order?
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  17. Those new leaks sound great.
  18. How do Girls Can’t Catch songs leak out 12 years later? Surely it can’t be a hack? Just someone putting them online for fun?
  19. This was the order they were in according to my copy:
    Happy Alone
    Turn Me Up
    L.E.S. Artistes
    Keep Your Head Up
    Mind It
    You’re The Kinda Man
    Live My Way
    Discover Me
    Another Day
    Hearts & Flowers

    The person who posted them also stated that there are also some notable changes to previously leaked songs as well. I’d be so bold to add the two b-sides and the acoustic version of Happy Alone and call it a done deal.
  20. Their acoustic version of Daniel Merriweather's Red was pretty good, great harmonies. I remember becoming aware of them a couple of months before they split and was waiting eagerly for their album. Cool if it finally gets released. Their version of L.E.S. Artistes was superb.

    I could never stand Phoebe though, she did not come across very well in interviews, but she was young I guess.

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