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Girls Can't Catch

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. I was mourning their loss until I actually listened to the leak. I loved the singles and still listen to them, and I'm as tempted as anyone to mythologize all things unreleased, but this would have been, let's be frank, a fairly shit album.

    The two singles aside, the only thing of note here is a very competent cover of a Santigold song that was spectacular to begin with.
  2. Are you saying the Shaznay Lewis track is shit? I think it's brilliant! I also rate Happy Alone.
  3. To be honest, the best tracks were the ones that had already leaked on the album samplers. These new ones are mostly filler, I quite like Mind It and You're The Kinda Man though. I would have bought their album regardless.

    Perhaps if they were in higher quality I'd rate them better.
  4. Shaznay Lewis wrote Another Day and Turn Me Up, which one are you referring to? :)
  5. I wasn't aware she'd written two. Strange, they only introduce 'Turn Me Up' as "This one was written for us by Shaznay Lewis from All Saints". They never mention 'Another Day'... so I was referring to 'Turn Me Up'.
  6. They do say on the interview included on the Echo cdsingle Shaznay wrote those 2 songs.
  7. Daizy seems to be moving on very fast and is heading into the recording studio next week. I have only ever really been interested in Daizy out of the three girls and she seems very excited about the solo career, but whether she has a deal or will get one is a different matter.

    Here is her solo twitter:
  8. Negative Response:

    Great, a Girlgroup flop. That single will be flying off the shelves.

    Positive Response:

    Good to hear that "Mind It" and "You're The Kinda Man" are her faves, hopefully she's going to keep that direction.
  9. Bit early...
    Should I start a Jess or Phoebe one?
    She will be like the Tina one from S Club 7.
  10. Yeah? I so didn't even listen to that interview 'b-side'...
  11. Seriously? This thread is ridiculous.
  12. SBK


    I think all of Girls Can't Catch's solo careers won't get past "Here's a couple of my solo tracks" on myspace
  13. There's something deeply unlikeable about Daizy and Phoebe, I could always imagine them being really evil to Jess behind the scenes. Therefore Jess is the only one whose solo career I'd be supportive of. She's got an amazing voice too if you watch her audition tape. Daizy probably ought to settle for being a backing singer or something, I can't see her having a solo career, there's just nothing particularly special about her.
  14. I need to get around to listening to all of the songs. I'm half glad that they've leaked and half a little annoyed because from what I have heard I would have payed money for them. Cash would have very easily left my hands.
  15. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Ha, I was coming in to post just the word RIDICULOUS in capital letters.

    Wheels within wheels, a flop within a flop. She's not the new Donaghy.
  16. Tommie

    Tommie Guest

    If she puts out anything half as good as "Don't Give It Up", I'll be her fan forever.
  17. Breakfast2, its no more ridiculous than you opening threads for girlbands that don't even launch, not to mention 80% of your rude, obnoxious and pointless posts that scream "oh I'm an insider, I'm better than anyone else". Its the same thing as anyone else creating a thread when the likes of Sugababes, Girls Aloud and other artists announcing they have started recording.
  18. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Except that more than 3 people and their mothers actually care, and what they record will actually get released outside of MySpace.
  19. I had Jess and Daizy mixed up.

    Jess is the only one I like, and I think she has the best voice. Can't see Daizy having much success, she's a plain Jane and has an extremely dull persona.
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