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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Cotton Park, May 6, 2017.

  1. I've never started a thread here before, but Girl's Day deserves one, so here it is. I think they're often overlooked when discussing elite girl groups. Despite some clunkers, when this quartet gets a hold of a great song, they knock it out of the park. They're the whole package. So...


    From Wikipedia:
    Girl's Day (Hangul: 걸스데이) is a South Korean girl group formed by Dream Tea Entertainment in 2010. The group currently consists of four members: Sojin, Minah, Yura and Hyeri. Members Jisun and Jiin officially left the group in 2010, while Jihae left in late 2012.

    In release order, the group's biggest hits include "Twinkle Twinkle", "Hug Me Once", "Expect", "Something", "Darling", and "Ring My Bell", all of which have sold more than one million digital copies each.

    Over the span of their career, Girl's Day has endorsed over 20 brands, including LG Electronics, Ezaki Glico's Pocky, Lotte World, Nexon and Bullsone. Girl's Day ranked 13th in Korea Power Celebrity in 2015, a list ranking Korea's most powerful and influential celebrities. In 2016, the group ranked 26th, whereas member Hyeri ranked 3rd.

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  2. I'm not afraid to admit I love this song more than most of their more recent efforts:

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  3. I unashamedly love Twinkle Twinkle, Don't Flirt, Hug Me Once and Oh My God.
    My favorite member is Minah but I really miss Ji Hae. It sucks that she left before their imperial phase.
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  4. Yes! "Don't Flirt" is another one of those classic exploding Girl's Day anthems. I have to appreciate that they try unusual things, even though they don't always work. Even if they don't, you can't deny their pipes. I've always loved Minah but the more I watch them perform, the more I appreciate Sojin.
    And I really didn't like "Ring My Bell" and "I'll Be Yours" when I first heard them but now I couldn't live without them...
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  5. I listened to their most recent mini a few days ago and I loved it start to finish. I'll check the rest of their stuff as soon as possible.
  6. The Something era is probably my favorite of theirs. The song, the MV, the Adult Ceremony-esque outfits, the choreography... perfection.

    The only thing I'm not too fond of is Hyeri's hair color.

    Oh Ren...
  8. WaiTTTTT the Nothing Lasts choreo has a sequential split?


    Iconic song becomes more iconic
  9. People do way too much with their old songs. I'm a little more tolerant of aegyo but the melodies and production are undeniable.

    And then they put out this classic...

    The emotions I go through listening to this song have never been replicated.

    That isn't to say I don't love their new stuff, because I do. Plus, they're still one of the best groups to watch on variety.

    TL;DR I love them! Bops and great personalities, usually a group only has one of these things, but they have both.
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  10. That run of Don't Forget Me - White Day - Expectation - Female President was pretty amazing.
  11. Expectation and Nothing Lasts Forever are both classic k-pop songs in my mind.
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  12. One of my most favourite songs... ever.

    A K-Pop classic... in my heart.
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  13. I want more solo songs/albums from Queen Minah.

    @Cotton Park Have you watched this before?
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  14. Also I love this

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  15. Definitely. I was a big Minah fan when this came out, but I was a little disappointed with the solo and her performances of it. The song isn't bad, but I thought she was a little lackluster for someone so expressive and charismatic. It's a torch song and she's trying to match the emotions in the lyrics, but I don't think it served her well....

    But goodness, she's much better than I remember in this performance. This is great. Thanks. I'll have to go watch it again...
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  16. Minahs solo was amazing I feel.
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