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Girls' Generation Discography Rate (FINISHED)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Jun 1, 2018.


Who Is Your Favorite SNSD member?

Poll closed Jul 25, 2018.
  1. TalenTiffany

    7 vote(s)
  2. Taeyeon

    7 vote(s)
  3. Seohyun

    6 vote(s)
  4. Jessica

    11 vote(s)
  5. Yuri

    1 vote(s)
  6. Sooyoung

    5 vote(s)
  7. Hyoyeon

    5 vote(s)
  8. Sunny

    4 vote(s)
  9. Yoona

    2 vote(s)
  1. Called it.
  2. 9



    Average : 8.7 (the jump in average, whew)

    Highest scores : 11 x 1 (@ohnostalgia) 10 x 7 (@Dangerous Maknae @vague @TABOO @Vixen @EachSmallStep @Slice of Life @31entrance)
    Lowest scores : 6 x 2 (@Twinkle @yuuurei)
    My Score : 10

    This is such a special song, isn't it?? The production is fantastic here, it gives you that nostalgic feeling but is also very modern? And with those better than ever vocals, Tiffany's iconic intro, that heart melting middle 8 by YoonA and Sunny (this is the first time in this rate I'm praising something related to Yoona, kii), and that high note by Taeyeon, I just can't understand how can someone not like this song??

    Kii time: I actually hated this when its teaser came out but none of the parts I mentioned were in that teaser so I don't blame myself too much.

    Salami (7) : The last minute or so is the best bit.

    Shockbox (9) : The production in this song is impeccable. I actually don't think I appreciate this enough.

    roblognick (9) : It feels a little 80s to me. I think this makes me like it more than I would if that little nostalgic touch wasn’t there.

    Threeney (9.5) : It's so... twinkly. A very special song for me.

    vague (10) : Oh, man, this is so good. best song they've released since they kicked Jessica out. it's fantastic. Taeyeon sounds divine on this.

    EachSmallStep (10) : Giving me Trauma Center game vibes with the instrumentals. Bit of a 70s undertone I like too. Reminds me of some older Brown Eyed Girls tracks.

    Slice of Life (10) : That dramatic midtempo that I love yathhh. Seriously reminds me of T-ara's excellent Cry Cry though with less Latin sensibilities.

    31entrance (10) : I'm a sucker for 80s synthpop-inspired songs so of course I'm giving this a full score.

    The fact that this didn't get the chance to be performed... Ugh.

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  3. In hindside I probably should've amped up my score to 10.
  4. 'Fan' is so good, and I do think it should have beaten a few other songs in this particular top 10 of ours, but I think #9 feels appropriate for the song in the bigger scheme of things.
  5. I have Fan a 7??? I overscored that.
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  6. You beast.
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  7. Reported.
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  8. I think it just stands out as average on a weak album.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. 8



    Average : 8.78

    Highest scores : 10 x 8 (@Shockbox @Remorque @evilsin @roblognick @Sanctuary @Cotton Park @Oleander @Threeney)
    Lowest scores : 6.5 x 1 (@Serg.)
    My Score : 8.5

    An iconic bop. This is incredibly catchy that I can't believe they chose Love & Girls, My Oh My and Beep Beep over it but then Karma Butterfly wasn't a single either so probably they just wanted the singles to be different than previous albums' electro-pop singles and went for the cutesy ones that represented the album better.

    It has lost its spark a bit for me during the years which stopped me from giving it a full score but I played it yesterday and couldn't stop singing along to it and got my life to that little breakdown so it deserves its spot, I think.

    Salami (8) : Loud and brash, just what I want from them. Not sure what it’s about and the choreography is a bit of a mess but it’s enjoyable to listen to.

    Reboot (8) : Are all the songs on the album this good? Because this is really good.

    31entrance (9) : The only reason I'm not giving this a 10 despite being a MASSIVE bop is that....I've kinda grown out of it through the years

    vague (9) : Seohyun sounds so gd great on this, and i love that seems to take the lead vocally on lot of this. the chorus is just absolutely undeniable, too; i HAVE to sing along every time i listen.

    Slice of Life (9) : COME ON BEBE, RIDE ON BEBE. Iconic. Kweens of Transportation.

    Shockbox (10) : The chorus is probably the weakest part but the song as a whole is super catchy.

    Threeney (10) : We love a two-wheeled masterpiece!

    Sanctuary (10) : “Power” by Little Mix found literally rotting.

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  11. Love this song. There was a period of time I didn't listen to anything else but Motorcycle.


    The Great Escape out next please.
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  12. I adore the structure of Motorcycle, those different small rapid parts are everything.
    Get out of here.
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  13. From my ballot. Since it wasn't included in the comments above for some reason.
    (Oh to be the rate villain!)
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  14. Speaking of which:
    In case you missed it. 'Cause you did.
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  15. Ha... I probably deserve it but I'm sure it was unintentional.

    But if it was intentional...
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  16. Scream. The kii is I unintentionally forgot to include @Salami's comments a couple of times as well.
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  17. View attachment 5328
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  18. Motorcycle is one of the reasons why I ordered Love & Peace a couple of weeks ago. I really want my copy to arrive so I can listen to it on repeat!
  19. Don’t you use Spotify/Apple Music?
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