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Girls' Generation Discography Rate (FINISHED)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Jun 1, 2018.


Who Is Your Favorite SNSD member?

Poll closed Jul 25, 2018.
  1. TalenTiffany

    7 vote(s)
  2. Taeyeon

    7 vote(s)
  3. Seohyun

    6 vote(s)
  4. Jessica

    11 vote(s)
  5. Yuri

    1 vote(s)
  6. Sooyoung

    5 vote(s)
  7. Hyoyeon

    5 vote(s)
  8. Sunny

    4 vote(s)
  9. Yoona

    2 vote(s)
  1. ’Motorcycle’ is not bad, but it should have left about 15-20 places ago.

    You guys...
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  2. [​IMG]
  3. 7


    One Last Time

    Average : 9.06

    Highest scores : 10 x 10 (@Shockbox @Salami @evilsin @Slice of Life @Sanctuary @Vixen @Oleander @Threeney @Remorque @Dangerous Maknae)
    Lowest scores : 7 x 2 (@Coming Century @Twinkle)
    My Score : 10

    And the last ballad/mid-tempo track to leave the rate is the fantastic One Last Time. I stan Holiday so much and I think their choosing of singles was great for the album so don't even dare to shady Holiday on my watch but I also think this would do so well if they released it as a pre-release single or something. It could also be a great goodbye single if the group wanted to disband but they didn't want to so...

    About the song itself; I love that , just like Goodbye, each chorus is sung by a different vocalist and they all do it fantastic here. Each of them add their own color to it that I feel like the song has 3 different choruses. But the part that really shines here is Seohyun's middle 8. I'm still shook by how good she is on this song. TaeNy's last part is very good too.

    vague (8.5) : Beautiful track. the lyrics seem especially poignant considering their current situation with SM, too, but maybe i'm reading too much into them dd.

    Reboot (9) : Gorgeous.

    Cotton Park (9) : What was I saying about Seohyun? She makes my eyes mist up in this one. She always sings like she means it. Also, one of the great "Taeyeon moments" in recent SNSD memory.

    roblognick (9) : This is their best ballad for me. Absolutely, completely, definitely, without a doubt. It melts my frozen heart every time.

    EachSmallStep (9.5) : Great throwback to pre 2010 pop with a piano base. The layering makes the vocals float and echo beautifully.

    Threeney (10) : Makes me sad, but so good anyway. Korea would've jumped on this song, it should have been released alongside Holiday and All Night.

    Salami (10) : So close to getting my 11 but it may be too soon. I can’t listen to this just once if it comes on shuffle. Not necessarily a great album but this is a standout and one that deserved to be their last single.

    Slice of Life (10) : An actual 11 contender. I was very lukewarm to this at first. But then I happened to listen to this while I was on a bus ride and I felt the EMOTIONS. And since then, I stanned this so much. Ballad haters better not do this wrong. SO GIMME ONEEEEE!!! Baby Seo did that.

    Shockbox (10) : Such a gorgeous song, so sophisticated. Shame that this was never performed. Fuck you SM. (It's actually the one song from Holiday Night that was performed)

  4. Wait... @Salami actually gave a song a 10????

    One Last Time is gorgeous though one of my favorites on Holiday Night
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  5. That should have been top 5 based on the songs we have. Shame!

    It's gorgeous, love it.
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  6. Holiday Night


    Order of Eliminations

    49. Only One
    45. It's You
    41. Love Is Bitter
    37. Girls Are Back
    32. Light Up the Sky
    26. Sweet Talk
    9. Fan
    7. One Last Time

    Album Average : 8

    Highest scorers:

    @Threeney 9.06
    @EachSmallStep 8.87
    @Dangerous Maknae 8.75

    ''Get taste'' crew:

    @yuuurei / @Twinkle 5.87
    @Salami / @Coming Century 6.37

    Albums Leaderboard

    1. Holiday Night : 8
    2. Lion Heart : 7.45
    3. Mr Mr : 7.28
    4. I Got A Boy : 6.61

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  7. But they were absolute gems.
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  8. Our first 9 scorer as well. Wow.

    Ballads aren’t my thing. I don’t seek them out and if I have a skip button I often use it. But this is a good song. Wasted opportunity really.
  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    One Last Time should have been top 5 but that average is stunning.
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  10. Love & Peace is not available on my local Spotify and I don't use Apple Music.

    I've been meaning to buy it for a couple of years, anyway.
  11. You should definitely use Apple Music, it has tons of K-Pop.
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  12. 6



    Average : 9.08

    Highest scores : 11 x 4 (@Shockbox @Threeney @Remorque @Reboot) 10 x 8 (@Love Deluxe @TABOO @roblognick @Twinkle @31entrance @Dangerous Maknae @Serg. @vague)
    Lowest scores : 5 x 1 (@ohnostalgia) 6.5 x 2 (@Sanctuary @Oleander)
    My Score : 10

    A plot twist! The monster bop that is Animal didn't even make it to top 5 even though it received four 11s. I think it's because the song is more like a 8-9 if you just listen to it but it becomes an 11 when you watch its performances with that killing choreography (which alone makes the song single-worthy), specially in Tokyo Dome show.

    My favorite parts are Yoona's (yes Yoona) verse, the ''Get Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild'' part in middle 8 and Tiffany's ''Oh oh oh I’m an animal. Oh oh oh ai no Animal.'' bit in the end.

    Cotton Park (7) : SNSD is really so fucking good live. This is another one I probably wouldn't ever listen to but I'll watch their performances of it over and over and over again. I mean, fuckin' really. Nobody will ever do what they could do on stage. Sorry. It's true.

    Salami (8) : Goes off live especially when merging into Hoot. Great choreography. I find it hard to listen to their music without visualising them dancing so anything that has a solid performance will always score higher marks and this one is a good one to watch.

    Slice of Life (9) : YATH PERFECT COMPANION PIECE TO FLOWER POWER. I forgot how much I stanned this album and song before. Wig.

    roblognick (10) : We've obviously all heard the Kesha version of Run Devil Run, right? Now tell me you can't hear Kesha singing a version of this in English either? Anyways, it's great and I the performances of this on the tours.

    vague (10) : I found the singles for this album slightly disappointing compared to the first Japanese album's impeccable run of tracks, but the album cuts remained flawless at least. the lyrics are a little predatory, which i guess is the point ddd, but i still found that a little surprising... i don't know why. Jessica and Hyoyeon's "Yeah, come into my territory / soba ni kite" bridge is my fave bit. oh, man, this is a really great song.

    31entrance (10) : A-A-A-A BOP! easily one of my favorites.

    Twinkle (10) : Devastating beat, one of their best songs ever.

    Shockbox (11) : WHY WAS THIS NOT A SINGLE?! It could have totally had an awesome video. This is one of my go to cardio songs and that second chorus is absolutely fucking killer.

    Remorque (11) : Okay, but what a fucking banger. Why are their Japanese songs so much better than their Korean ones though? They all sound badass on this one and the chorus fucking slays.

    Reboot (11) : THIS IS SO GOOOOOOD!! Great live performances also. That dance routine … I love them. Am I going to give this my 11? I think I’m going to give this my 11.

    Threeney (11) : I just have no words for this song and album in general. Animal is something I wish they've lead an english project with. It's just a huge pop song with hooks and melodies for days. Probably my favorite SNSD song in the grand scheme of things.

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  13. My 11's long gone so I might as well post my ideal top 5 from what's left:
    4. you-aholic
    3. TRICK
    2. Reflection
    1. Karma Butterfly

    I'd be fine with any of the top 3 switching places, they were all the runners-up for my 11, but if I had to rank them I'd probably go with this order.
  14. Oh fuck off!

    Neither The Great Escape nor Reflection should even be top 10!!
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  15. 5. Reflection
    4. Karma Butterfly
    The other 3 I don't mind any winning.
  16. This is false
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  17. Not Animal, nooooooo!

    Trick for the win now, please.
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  18. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I’m proud that Fan made Top 10.
  19. Trick or Karma Butterfly for the win at this point.
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  20. I don't think I've seen that one, and I've seen a bunch. Wow. Those stage effects remind me so much of Perfume's live shows. I wonder if they work with the same people on some of those effects.
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