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Girls' Generation Discography Rate (FINISHED)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Jun 1, 2018.


Who Is Your Favorite SNSD member?

Poll closed Jul 25, 2018.
  1. TalenTiffany

    7 vote(s)
  2. Taeyeon

    7 vote(s)
  3. Seohyun

    6 vote(s)
  4. Jessica

    11 vote(s)
  5. Yuri

    1 vote(s)
  6. Sooyoung

    5 vote(s)
  7. Hyoyeon

    5 vote(s)
  8. Sunny

    4 vote(s)
  9. Yoona

    2 vote(s)
  1. Yes, 'Trick' for the win.
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  2. [​IMG]

    It’s the GIF that keeps on giving. Sorry not sorry.
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  3. He


    The new BoAopensenvelope.gif
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  5. 5



    Average : 9.13

    Highest scores : 10 x 11 (@yuuurei @evilsin @Coming Century @31entrance @roblognick @Oleander @Dangerous Maknae @Threeney @Slice of Life @Remorque @vague)
    Lowest scores : 6 x 1 (@ohnostalgia) 7.5 x 2 (@Vixen @EachSmallStep)
    My Score : 10

    Another timeless electropop track from the second Japanese album, the last one to fall actually, is the effortlessly perfect Reflection. It's so fun, so electric, so cool and always goes awf whether you listen to it or watch it on their shows. I'm usually not here for it when the vocals are produced too much but it actually makes the song x100 better here, I mean if auto-tune is gonna give us a Sunny high note what is wrong about it? Also I really like the use of English words in this song, and their pronunciation is better than always.

    Am I the only one pleasantly surprised this did so well?? I predicted a #10-#15 placement for it before the rate, so I love that y'all love it as much as I do.

    Salami (8) : Love this live. I’m not one for Jessica’s voice but she carries this song.

    Cotton Park (9) : This song is electric. Every single day...

    vague (10) : I appreciate the shoutout: "so tight, so tough". god, this is just so. fucking. good. anyone who was Snapchat friends with me back in late '12-13 has undoubtedly heard me butcher this song who knows how many times dddd. the outro with each girl singing "I see my reflection~" is such a moment to me. oh, man, this is probably in the top five of their best tracks for me, honestly.

    31entrance (10) : AN. ICONIC. SONG. they all shine here but Sunny's "I see my...reflection" steals the show

    Slice of Life (10) : SO TIGHT, SO TOUGH. Lykke Li's so sad so sexy found rotting. Baby Seo plus Jess on the second verse is a legit moment. And Sunny is flawless as always.

    Remorque (10) : Another bop. I love the throbby production this one has. The girls sound great and it's fun to have them all singing a line during the outro.

    roblognick (10) : SO TIGHT SO TOUGH! Pop perfection. This would have been my 11 had I not discovered [redacted].

    Threeney (10) : God, UMJ's A&R really was on fire for this album. Any pop act in the world would be lucky to have a song of this caliber in their discography.

    This was the last song to not have any 11s by the way. The four remaining songs each received at least two 11s. ​
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  6. Girls & Peace


    Order of Eliminations

    51. Not Alone
    34. Boomerang
    28. Girls & Peace
    23. Stay Girls
    18. I'm A Diamond
    15. T.O.P
    6. Animal
    5. Reflection

    Album Average : 8.14

    Highest scorers:

    @Remorque 9.31
    @Serg. 9.25
    @Threeney 8.93

    Lowest scorers:

    @Sanctuary 5.8
    @Coming Century 6.12
    @Cotton Park 6.37

    Albums Leaderboard

    1. Girls & Peace : 8.14
    2. Holiday Night : 8

    3. Lion Heart : 7.45
    4. Mr Mr : 7.28
    5. I Got A Boy : 6.61

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  7. The "I see my... reflection" outro with all the girls singing the line one by one is such a fucking moment!
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  8. Oh wow, no one gave it an 11? It’s pop perfection. I feel like I’ve stabbed Reflection in the back!
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  9. Reflection was almost my 11 but I just had to give it to another song doesn’t mean it isn’t a fucking moment in their discography
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  10. Sorry for the slow pace, guys. I have my first driving test tomorrow ,which as you know is a bit terrifying, so I've been preparing for it these past few days and couldn't post more eliminations. But I will finish this in a few days I promise x

    This elimination proves that you three are indeed a team but more like team lack of taste.




    Average : 9.47

    Highest scores : 11 x 3 (@Cotton Park @Serg. @31entrance) 10 x 12 (@Dangerous Maknae @roblognick @vague @Shockbox @Twinkle @Vixen @EachSmallStep @Love Deluxe @Reboot @Remorque @TABOO @Coming Century)
    Lowest scores : 6 x 1 (@Oleander) 7 x 1 (@ohnostalgia) 7.5 x 1 (@Sanctuary)
    My Score : 10

    (Fallin’ fallin’) nani yori mo hayaku
    (meolli meolli) doko yori mo tooku

    tsuretette I want it
    I’m like a you-aholic

    anata de mitashite yo
    Psycho sexy super magic

    hanarenai du soni
    You’re the gin inside my tonic

    doushite? utagai naku You-aholic

    The lyrics that I just wrote might be the ultimate SNSD lyrics, it's like the most addictive chorus ever. I would really like to go back in time and listen to this when it just came out after all the patchy albums they released in 2007-2010 and be shook to my core hearing Seobaby from the cute and innocent Girls' Generation saying ''Psycho Sexy Super Magic'', it must've been an experience for the fans.

    Kii time: I know the dance line members usually get like one line per song but scream at Sooyoung not even getting that here. She only says '' Fallin' fallin' '', which is an iconic part to be fair.

    Oh and this is the first time that all the commentaries are green (yes, even @Salami's).

    Salami (9) : Sooyoung comes alive in this one on their tours. It’s not typically SNSD but I can’t imagine anyone else doing this.

    Slice of Life (9) : Sounds kinda dated now but still such a bop. This deserved to be a single too.

    vague (10) : Honestly, the first Japanese album is one of my favorite albums ever, and this track is the best thing on there. my only complaint is my girl Sooyoung barely has any lines ... like she was the only fluent member when this came out and got paid dust! but, still, that's a minor complaint and this song is utter perfection.

    EachSmallStep (10) : This was everything back in the day and still holds up. I’d always just been a casual listener of theirs until this album dropped and had me reevaluate.

    Reboot (10) : I need to stop watching live performances of their songs because it just makes me want to give everything a 10.

    Remorque (10) : I'm extremely surprised at what an excellent slice of electro pop this is. The girls sound great and the chorus got stuck in my brain for about a day and a half, so...

    roblognick (10) : Psycho sexy super magic. “You're the gin inside my tonic” perhaps the greatest lyrics ever written. it's like pre-Fame Monster Gaga. Was an 11 contender for sure.

    Shockbox (10) : When I was first introduced by Girls Generation in Japan back in 2011, You-Aholic was the second song I listened to by them. It was then that I knew I had discovered something special.

    Twinkle (10) : My favorite song of this album with no doubt, it's very sexy and the production is on point.

    31entrance (11) : What a way to start an iconic rate! Jessica's "You're the gin inside my tonic" is still my favorite line among their discography.

    Cotton Park (11) : Psychosexysupermagic is an excellent description of some of their more intense Tokyo Dome sets. SNSD can take an entire arena, squeeze it, shake it and let it rip in the palm of their proverbial hand.​

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  11. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    OH WOW.

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  12. You-Aholic has always been and always will be a bop.
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  13. You'll do fine, just try not to stress yourself out.
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  14. Amazing Top3, still rooting for my 11.
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  15. You-aholic deserved to be top 3 though but the top 3 is amazing so I have no complaints

    rooting for Trick to take this!
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  16. Of the 3 left, I'd like Trick or Karma Butterfly to take it.
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  17. I don't think I've had my 11 be in a top 10 before let alone top 3. This is super exciting!


    I still want The Great Escape out next please.

    Don't worry about the pace of this if you've got something like that looming. Good luck!​
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  18. I'm bopping.
  19. OMG how could I forget about this? my early 2011 jam

    *plays the video and bops*

    edit: uhm...yeah this didn’t age well in it’s entirety but still lowkey a bop, also is it just me or Seohyun’s voice a bit high pitched?
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  20. Yeah, it sounds a little dated but it's good!. And that robot dance, oh my!
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