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Girls' Generation Discography Rate (FINISHED)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Jun 1, 2018.


Who Is Your Favorite SNSD member?

Poll closed Jul 25, 2018.
  1. TalenTiffany

    7 vote(s)
  2. Taeyeon

    7 vote(s)
  3. Seohyun

    6 vote(s)
  4. Jessica

    11 vote(s)
  5. Yuri

    1 vote(s)
  6. Sooyoung

    5 vote(s)
  7. Hyoyeon

    5 vote(s)
  8. Sunny

    4 vote(s)
  9. Yoona

    2 vote(s)
  1. [​IMG]

    I’m happy so far. This rate led me to discover Trick and I’ve love the live performances of Karma Butterfly, they’re among my favourite of them all. I’ll be happy with whichever wins. But I obviously have a favourite. Can’t wait till tomorrow!

    Aw, I’m sorry.
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  2. Girls' Generation


    Order of Eliminations

    28. Born to Be A Lady
    20. I'm In Love With A Hero
    11. Let It Rain
    10. Beautiful Stranger
    4. You-Aholic
    3. The Great Escape

    Album Average : 8.46

    Highest scorers:

    @Vixen 9.83
    @Shockbox 9.5
    @vague / @Reboot / @Love Deluxe 9.33

    Lowest scorers:

    @Salami 6.33
    @ohnostalgia 6.75
    @Twinkle 7.33

    Albums Leaderboard

    1. Girls' Generation : 8.46
    2. Girls & Peace : 8.14
    3. Holiday Night : 8

    4. Lion Heart : 7.45
    5. Mr Mr : 7.28
    6. I Got A Boy : 6.61

  3. Mr Taxi is still the one.
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  4. Woof. I really did that, huh.

    I guess it's what you called...taste? Talent?

    Not that any of you would know about that. xoxo
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  5. fuckin' great album.
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  6. Girls’s Generation Japan 1st Album is the first foreign language album I fully listened to on a regular basis. I’s listened to other foreign language songs that broke into the mainstream in the UK, but that happened very rarely and getting a full album of songs never really appealed before.

    It’s the first album that got me into them and other KPop acts too. It’s significance is huge because I think had I listened to anything before they released this I might have ignored them completely.
  7. I've never been one of the highest scorers for anything, but I'm glad "Girls' Generation" was the first time. I love that album so much.
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  8. It is genuinely such a fucking solid collection of songs. Not to forget that, in the context of this rate, it's missing 'Bad Girl' which is also a gigantic bop and another 10.

    And the Japanese versions of those few first singles were actually very good adaptations as well? I mean if you compare those to, say, the Japanese version of 'Ddu-du x2", we really got lucky.

    (Also it's missing 'Oh!' so I live.)
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  9. My copy of Love & Peace finally arrived this morning. A sign that Karma Butterfly is going to win, perhaps... (This album sounds so good in HQ!)
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  10. It's the time...


    Rate villains never win. #KarmaButterfly




    Average : 9.71

    Highest scores : 11 x 4 (@roblognick @Vixen @Salami @Slice of Life) 10 x 11 (@yuuurei @Shockbox @Twinkle @Reboot @31entrance @Serg. @Coming Century @vague @Love Deluxe @EachSmallStep @TABOO)
    Lowest scores : 7 x 1 (@ohnostalgia) 8 x 1 (@Cotton Park)
    My Score : 9

    Was there any doubt that this would be their highest rated Korean track?

    Each act have that one song in their discography that their stans always complain about them not being singles, no matter how many years have passed. Go to the Britney thread and say I love Breathe On Me for example. At least 5 people will quote you with "UGH WHY wasn't it a single???????" and I think Trick is that song of SNSD for the fans, even though I personally don't think it would work as a single. It's better than The Boys for sure but it doesn't have that mainstream appeal that The Boys had in 2011, if you ask me.

    But aside from that, this always remains a legend for so many reasons: Iconic production, iconic vocals, iconic vocoder (Dara found rotting), the very special chorus, THE SASS, the fair line distribution that you rarely find in SNSD's discography and the fact that each girl really shine in their parts, and those last 30 seconds. All fantastic.

    Cotton Park (8) : I don't dislike this as much as I used to. Seohyun's very last line is a bonus.... sssssshhhht!

    Remorque (8.5) : The girls sound badass on this one and I love the production too. Each girl gets their time to shine and that's just how I like it.

    Threeney (9) : I don't think the chorus is that great, but the auto tuned verses are so special.

    Twinkle (10) : The production is perfect and I love how the last word of the song sounds like shit

    vague (10) : Probably the best album cut they ever released in Korea. it's such a shame they never promoted this or gave it a glossy playing-card-themed music video. the vocal effects and vocoder are done so well here, too, as an interesting production quirk that is used pretty sparsely rather than four robots malfunctioning in the recording studio (no shade ddd). anyway, i love this.

    EachSmallStep (10) : Smooth, excellence. Not sure if it ever had a tie in, but would fit a drama that has some sleuthing.

    31entrance (10) : I will never NOT get my life to this! also I like to pretend Yuri/Yoona say 'shit' in the chorus for the kiis

    Reboot (10) : I very nearly “only” gave this a 9 but then I realised how wrong that was. This is utterly fantastic.

    Shockbox (10) : The girls have never performed this live and I want to know why. THE SHADE

    roblognick (11) : I have this rate to thank for me discovering this song. I’m a sucker for songs like this but I want to live in an alternate universe where this was the song they chose to try and break international charts instead of The Boys.

    Salami (11) : Why this was never performed is beyond me. Easily up there with their best songs, instant favourite and never gets boring.

    Slice of Life (11) : ROBBED! ROBBED OF BEING THE SINGLE. Poor it. This still sounds fresh after all these years which is a characteristic of a truly timeless song. Why is this my 11? Because it is objectively the best song here. It's not my most listened-to GG album track ever but denying it my 11 would be a crime. It deserves all the praise in the world.

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  11. Which means.....



    Karma Butterfly

    Average : 9.8

    Highest scores : 11 x 6 (@Sanctuary @Twinkle @Love Deluxe @Coming Century @vague @Oleander) 10 x 11 (@Dangerous Maknae @Slice of Life @TABOO @Threeney @Salami @Vixen @roblognick @Shockbox @yuuurei @Remorque @Cotton Park)
    Lowest scores : 6 x 1 (@ohnostalgia) 7.5 x 1 (@EachSmallStep)
    My Score : 10

    TALENT. ALWAYS. WINS. I knew The Great Escape won't win so this was my winner's pick from the beginning and I'm so happy you all got it right. I remember roux once said he left Onehallyu because this song came 6th in their discography rate so he might be very proud of y'all as well.

    Okay but seriously, after two albums full of amazing electropop tracks, it was hard to top them for the third album but they managed to do it with this one. It has the same high quality of the first two albums' bops but with an euphoric and dreamy chorus and legendary performances they made this the special track of their discography. And for a rate that talking about excellent performances and choreos has been one of its main subjects, the winner had to be this one as its performance are literally career highlights. I mean just watch that performance in cage, that's a fucking moment.


    Reboot (9) : I never got round to listening to this song, but it’s absolutely gorgeous.

    Shockbox (10) : I watch their performance of this from The Best Live a lot. It's so flawless.

    Threeney (10) : That was a classic, that was a classic.

    roblognick (10) : The live performance of this is what makes the song. The Tokyo Dome of them in the "cage" and they rise up and the cage opens and it's just magical.

    Slice of Life (10) : This is kinda momentous??? That chorus is electrifying. It's so sexy and so glossy. I'm shqqk.

    Twinkle (11) : I don't know if this is for the song itself or the flawless performance but this is a SNSD classic that any pop fan should see.

    vague (11) : i know they have countless songs in this same electro/dance pop vein, but there's just something really special about this one to me. there's a kind of dreamy and almost fragile vibe to both the song itself and its lyrics, and then add in the gorgeous choreography, and this is, like, the pinnacle of their discography to me. I ADORE this.

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  12. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    No but seriously, Karma Butterfly is a super deserving winner. One of their best songs for sure.

    Another amazing rate, @Dangerous Maknae. The write-ups are hilarious and your graphics slay!!! Not bad for a first-time graphic designer. Kekeke.

    Looking forward to your next rate. ♡
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  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

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  14. Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh so close! Oh well, but I'm happy with Karma Butterfly winning.

    Thanks so much for an entertaining, brilliantly run, visual masterpiece of a rate! Loved every minute!
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  15. Fantastic rate @Dangerous Maknae

    #JusticeForAnimal #JusticeForStayGirls #JusticeForLips

    Looking forward to seeing the album scores.
  16. A very deserving winner indeed, the lyrics of Karma Butterfly are gorgeous and it sounds amazing. It was my closest runner-up for my 11 so I'm glad it took the top spot. TRICK is also amazing though, I also considered it for my top pick so I wouldn't have been sad if it won either, but it's not as lyrically meaningful as KB is. Actually one of my initial contenders was Let It Rain, but I decided against it as it doesn't feature all the girls. But it's one of my favorite tracks for sure.

    Despite my fair and logical scores getting me accused of being some kind of hater, I actually really liked revisiting some of SNSD's album tracks. If their whole discography had been included, my 11 would have gone to either Wake Up or Star Star Star, as those are my two absolute favorite SNSD songs, even if you include singles. But this was a pretty good selection, and it forced me to actually listen to their post-Jess albums for the first time and they weren't too bad. But OT9 is always going to be the best SNSD to me.

    Thanks for hosting @Dangerous Maknae, and well done! It was a fun rate and I really enjoyed seeing all the differing opinions. even the wrong ones
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  17. You are so shady but that's why we love you.
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  18. Talent WON.

    Thanks for the rate sis!
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  19. aaaaaahhhh would’ve loved a TRICK win but Karma Butterfly is lovely and deserved the win, I gave it a 9 I think

    Finally, thanks to our host @Dangerous Maknae for the rate that made me appreciate GG even more than I did and re-delving into their discography after so many years reminds me again they were more than their singles/titles although I would loved if we included them so it can be a full-scale discography rate

    TLDR thanks @Dangerous Maknae for hosting and those iconic graphics
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  20. Karma Butterfly wasn't my fave for the win (mainly because I wasn't that familiar with it yet), but it's still a really good song so I can't be mad.

    This rate has been so good as well. It made me re-discover my love for a group I hadn't really listened to for years. I think it also re-ignited my obsession with k-pop in general, which is always nice.
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