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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Well their biggest european concert was in Paris (I was there ^_________^)
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  2. Dek


    Taeyeon debut is perfect!
    The mini is gold
    and of course she destroyed the charts and I debuted #1 on Melon and most of the charts

  3. Lots of ballads which isn't that surprising from her, but the two uptempos are definitely bops.
  4. Dek


    I is not a ballad though

    The MV is beautiful omg

  5. I didn't think much of Lion Heart when it first came out, but the song has really grown on me.
  6. Well, yeah "I" and "Stress"are the two uptempos?
  7. I would see Stress is the only uptempo, I and Gemini are both mid-tempo. You Are and Farewell are the ballads.

    It's a good EP, I just wish You Are had been replaced with another song like I.
  8. I had a good laugh reading credits for Taeyeon's solo.

    Myah Marie now involved with the Korean Britney's. How fitting.
  9. Apparently Sunny is leaving her radio show in order to focus on touring...
    Has a Japanese album been confirmed at this point???
    I imagine of they're going to your Japan, as mentioned in the official statement, then they would likely release new material there...
  10. There will be no new Japan album this year.

    It's not even confirmed that they resigned with their Japanese label. If anything, there'll be a new Japanese single that they'll promote on tour along with Lion Heart tracks.
  11. Is it terrible that Lion Heart is slowly becoming my favorite of their songs?

    I know, I know....
  12. It's quintessential SNSD as far as I'm concerned.
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  13. It's definitely a song I enjoy more watching than listening to.
  14. I think my Top 5 so far (I've only recently begun loving them) would be Genie, Lion Heart, I Got A Boy, You Think, and Hoot.
  15. Mine is probably:

    Mr Taxi (Japanese obviously)
    I Got A Boy
    Catch Me If You Can
    You-aholic the moment.
  16. The music video for Lion Heart is their best for me yet, and I usually hate their ~cute~ videos (i.e. Gee, Oh!, Dancing Queen...), but the song alone doesn't do much for me.

    I think my Top 5 would go like this:

    Run Devil Run (I hate the japanese version, though)
    I Got A Boy
    Galaxy Supernova
    Mr. Mr.
  17. FLOWER POWER > The Great Escape > Genie (Japanese Version) > MR.TAXI > Paparazzi.
  18. I find it really difficult to choose a top 5 because they have so many songs that I'm obsessed with.

    At the moment, I'd probably go:

    1. Flower Power
    2. Genie
    3. Catch Me If You Can
    4. Lips
    5. Youaholic
  19. Well I completely forgot about Flower Power, I blame it on the alcohol.

    They did their Phantasia today which didn't really have anything fresh in it except a performance from SHY - not sure Salt N Pepa's Push It was the right song but hopefully a decent video of it surfaces soon.
  20. Genie japanese
    Galaxy supernova
    Flower power
    All my love is for you
    ...lion heart
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