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So aside from their comeback being announced, Seohyun met her idol and role model - Ban Ki Moon. She gave him the Hoot CD as well haha.

AKP :SNSD confirms Korean comeback for September with third official album!

Other entertainment labels are currently delaying comebacks and debuts in order to avoid competition with SNSD. One representative said, “All of the attention will be put on SNSD anyway, so it’s useless to go head-to-head. On top of that, it’s an official album, so there’s the possibility that they will just sweep the charts.”



According to Sports Chosun, girl group Girls’ Generation will be starting their comeback activities in Korea with an official album in September.

It was informed that Girls’ Generation, who has been gaining much popularity in Japan, has been secretly recording their third official album. While figuring out when they would start their activities in Korea, it was revealed that they have decided on a September comeback.

One member of a broadcasting crew revealed, “There were lots of talk on Girls’ Generation making their comeback in Korea sometime in the fall, but I know it as being finalized for September. They are currently recording, and depending on how fast they progress, it may be delayed a week or two.”

Along with news of their comeback, the anticipation was increased amongst fans as it was revealed that they will not be releasing a mini album or digital single, but a full-length album. After releasing their second full-length album, “Oh!”, in January of 2010, this will be their first full-length album release in a year and eight months. It is expected to contain Girls’ Generation’s matured images.

While the time and form of their comeback have been revealed little by little, their management is being extra secretive as to what their concept will be.

With the finalization of Girls’ Generation’s comeback period, a “Girls’ Generation evacuation” is expected to occur. One singer’s management company revealed that they are actually going to push back their original September comeback date to October to avoid a one-on-one competition with Girls’ Generation.

One member in the music industry explained, “As it is expected for all attention to be focused on Girls’ Generation, a face-to-face competition is meaningless. You have to keep in mind that if they release a full-length album, Girls’ Generation could take over the higher parts of music charts.”

Girls’ Generation recently released the music video for “Bad Girl”, gaining wind worldwide as “Black SoShi”. “Black SoShi” is a concept that was first revealed through their “Run Devil Run” single, gaining an explosive amount of popularity. This recent music video shows the members as bikers, wearing black fishnet stockings and leather attire, showing a shocking transformation.

“Bad Girl” is a song that was included in their first, full-length Japanese album, and was a surprise release to show thanks to fans for their love. After its release on August 10th, it surpassed 1,200,000 views. As Girls’ Generation has been leading K-Pop fever, they have been gaining much attention in Europe and North America.

Source: Sports Chosun
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Ribzy said:
A video of it. Awwww, she must have bowed her head like 10 times. So adorable.

Ha ha ha, I can now imagine Ban Ki Moon listening to Hoot on the drive home.

She's totally flabbergasted, awh! The wife didn't look too impressed at the end, I got Korean Bunny vibes from her.
I wonder if SoShi really are as well liked as fans say they are, or if it's just hype from the media and fans. I can't help but be sceptic when I hear all those claims of them being greater than all especially with Kpop moving so fast!
That video was so cute! Seohyun is so funny in her own way.

So excited that it's been confirmed! I hope their concept is worthy of them.
The video it cute, and I hope the concept is great too.

Liiya said:
I wonder if SoShi really are as well liked as fans say they are, or if it's just hype from the media and fans. I can't help but be sceptic when I hear all those claims of them being greater than all especially with Kpop moving so fast!

Liked by people (Koreans) in general? They are for sure the biggest girl group in Korea. Their sales prove it I think. But we know they generate a lot of hate. I don't know of any other K-Pop group that has an organized anti organization like STAND.
STAND is mainly from international fans so I don't count them in but yes, I meant Koreans.
I was just wondering if they reached their peak last year and if they really were still as threatening as before sales and popularity-wise. I really don't want them to lose their title of Nation's Girlgroup because SM was too stupid to inject some money and quality in their comeback considering the period, since I kind of assume it's gonna be average already. By average I mean the usual, easy-to-copy-choreo + cheap set dance video + uniform outfits + catchy repetitive song combo which is honestly getting done and redone and kind of really shit objectively.
Idk, I just have this already-disappointed feeling for the comeback and I think only their supposed popularity could save their butts this time if everyone is coming back.
I agree with you on them spicing up their Music Videos, but I'd hardly say their choreography is easy, I'd like to see most artists over here dance like they do, or even have the same quality of choreography.

Besides, who have they got to beat? I don't see a new girl group coming along soon who will blow up in such popularity as SNSD have had, not for awhile, anyways.The Wonder Girls are basically washed up now, and they are too far gone now to get back the popularity they once had in Korea. KARA have always been behind SNSD in the popularity stakes (Japan is another story) and maybe this time it'll be closer than usual, but with KARA spending most of their time in Japan, it's doubtful they will blow up with popularity in Korea.

And hey, if SNSD's new album is a complete shit-fest, you always have their next Japanese album to look forward to.
SM do have a tradition for being a bit arrogant, which is why everyone was so surprised when suddenly the Japanese album was coherent and great. I hope it's not a fluke and more of a "let's invest in the sympathy of fans" thing instead of just riding popularity. On the other hand they're so big now I don't see the next Korean single taking huge RISKS. What I basically ask for is that they don't give us a regressive image. They're a different group than two years ago and hopefully SM acknowledge that.

Their choreography has been on point, but the MVs are severely lacking. Judging by SuJu a comeback isn't a big enough event for a decent MV, so that probably won't change. Hire Rino and the dance is sure to be class.
Oh, okay. I see what you mean, Liiya. I'm hoping for something fresh from them. I really hope SM has put money and thought into the comeback. But like Pen Expers, at then end of the day I am just hoping it's not a regression in sound and concept.
I do think SNSD has a different image in Japan than in Korea, though.

In Japan they aren't really trying to pander to the ajusshi fanbase as AKB48 has that covered and a lot of their fanbase are women who think they are stylish/trendy as opposed to otaku. So I think they did try to create a rather more mature image there.

Korea is a different story, though. I feel they are pretty much the Japanese equivalent of AKB48 (albiet they are not creepy, they are talented, and have good Singles) in the way that they are the nations sweethearts and so I think SM feels that they have to play it safe and not try anything that;s really 'risky' or TOO different or they may face alienation.
Apparently they've been working with Teddy Riley, so I think the results will be more mature than their previous Korean singles.

I need another Genie in my life.
Can you imagine them doing a Rania? Hahaha. That would be so amazing. Can't see it happening, though. I want SNSD to have an image change, though, or atleast a change of direction. I sort of want them to progress from the bubble gum pop in their Korean albums and see them become properly sexy.