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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I'm..........shook at the possibility of this.
  2. What is this?
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  3. Dddd the main bit of important info is that she was apparently with the guy from The Rascals this week on the 12th - the first photo is from his IG stories. He also liked a comment cause he was with Kehlani later that week from a fan about how he should produce a TiffanyxKehlani collab and the photo is from when she went to Kehlani's concert this summer. I doubt a collab would happen, but the takeaway is that she's in LA again and likely in the studio.
  4. Oh I see. I actually follow the guy since he posted this pic* a few months ago (dddd) and I think this story is the third or fourth that he shares with Tiffany. She was also with a guy from Far East Movement the other day, but I wasn't sure if she's only friends with them or they're working on music so I didn't post about it here. Anyway it's great if she's working on new music (and I hope she just find a label there and never comes back to SK again).

  5. I wonder if she'll use Tiffany or Stephanie as her name in the US.
  6. She will keep Tiffany. She used that name when she collaborated with Far East Movement.
  7. Alright... a positive thought. The past few years saw a lot of groups losing members (sometimes key ones - EXID, temporarily, WINNER, sometimes multiple ones - DalΦShabet, Namyu, Brave Girls), then refocusing their sound to a tighter talent mix and cranking out some of their best stuff ever. If anyone can do it, Soshi can. I can see a lot of possibilities, actually.

    And I will always support Tiffany in the US in any way I can. Welcome home, Tiffany! FIGHTING! (I know they probably don't say that in LA but whatev.)
  8. I think she could.
    (Like I said, we should have a pool. Or not. My money's on Fareast Light to surprise everyone outside of SK in the new male group category. Okay, not really. But kinda.)
  9. Tiffany should just create a 4-piece with Jessica, Sooyoung and Seohyun, teebs.
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  10. I think the main issue is that from the members that are left in the group, only Taeyeon and Hyoyeon seem to focus on the music as their main activity.

    Also, Taeyeon is leading the MAMA vote. With her physical sales it just might be enough for her to win! SNSD is behind Red Velvet in their category.
  11. I hope some of the departed members start spilling copious amounts of tea and have some interactions with Jessica.
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  12. I do hope we see them interact with Jessica again.
  13. The OST for Final Life (Japanese series) is out. I expected it to be a ballad but it is not. And I love it (obviously).

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  14. I don't. Jessica is a tube.
  15. Your attitude towards Jessica is so gross.
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  16. Did she beat you at Mario Kart or something?
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  17. Yes but only because I couldn't see the screen properly through my Blanc & Eclare sunglasses.

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  18. Mashing the buttons would be too much choreography for her.
  19. Yikes, you guys are so not cute.
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  20. Neither is ditching your group so you could release 3 dodgy solo albums and a ‘fashion line’ but there we are.

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