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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Yeah, you need to rein it in.

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  2. Imagine hating someone so bad just because your fairy tale idea of "GG DIVINE NINE FOREVER!!!1!111" just got crushed like that.


    Imagine being 30+ years old and hating on a woman who decided that prioritizing herself is the way to go.


    Imagine going to a forum only to post about two things: (1) anything SNSD-related and (2) Jessica hate posts.

  3. Guys. Shit got heavy.

    Shall I mention Sooyoung’s hair again
  4. And can she rock a pantsuit or what?
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  5. She can rock the lot.
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  6. At least she was smart enough to ditch that sinking ship BEFORE they flopped, right Tiffany?

  7. I.... can't tell if the stan wars / hatred over certain members is ironic or not ddd.
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  8. I'm Trinity in Untucked looking into the camera sipping a cocktail.
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  9. Um no. It’s a joke. It is what we have ALWAYS done in this sub-forum. If you’re offended, I suggest you find another forum.

    Of course it is. I actually like some of Jessica’s solo music. People just need to lighten the fuck up and stop trying to create drama. That’s what the Pop & Justice sub-forum is for.
  10. Imagine not being able to take a joke and instead making personal comments.
  11. Eaux. It's totally our fault guys for not knowing about this subforum's alleged culture of 'joking' repeatedly about things that happened light years ago. My fault. I'm so sorry. It's because I only rarely post in the subforum. It's because I am not an active poster here.

    Not today, Satan.
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  12. Taeyeon's new japanese OST! Rescue Me. It's really good!

  13. I chose the right bias. Kween of Pop!!!
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  14. I Got A Boy practice leaked!

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  16. Hyoyeon grinning all the time. Jessica tripping. So good.
  17. I'm glad that things are slowly moving forward but I don't see any group announcement until early 2018.

    They can't really plan the future of the group until Seohyun, SooYoung and Tiffany have new agencies to represent them.
  18. Wait you still think they will come back as an 8-piece??
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