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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. He


    I love how they are careful to always include solos as SNSD activities.
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  2. Remember when some of y'all made bitchy comments to me when I said that Girls Generation weren't over and yet here we are.

    I don't want to say I told you so but...
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  3. Taeyeon surprised us with a cute little vid for I'm All Years.

    Some year-end stats for the group that I've fished out recently:
    - Holiday Night sold 167,638 copies (Gaon) in 2017, meaning it's only a couple hundred away from surpassing Mr. Mr.
    - Fine by Taeyeon sold 1.2m copies in 2017.
    - 11:11 by Taeyeon sold 746k copies in 2017 (total 1.4m).
    - Don't Say No (album) by Seohyun sold 33k copies (Gaon) in 2017.
    - This Christmas (album) by Taeyeon sold 69k copies (Gaon) in 2017.
    - My Voice by Taeyeon sold 171k copies (Gaon) in 2017.
    - My Voice Deluxe by Taeyeon sold 77k copies (Gaon) in 2017.

    Not a bad year at all for the girls, all things considered. It's a shame we didn't get a concert!
  4. [​IMG]
    (Taeyeon not saying, "Komawoyo, KPJ-ssi.")
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  5. I think I've said this before but I'm actually really excited for the girls' next chapter that is their solo activities, maybe even more than their activities as a group.

    I think they've done everything a group needs to do for 10 years so for me seeing Taeyeon getting bigger as a singer, Tiffany debuting in the US, Seohyun making a company, the dance-line girls finally working on their own music and even the girls trying to improve their acting skills, all are more exciting than if you've told me they will have a group comeback this year. It's like having 8-9 comebacks in the year instead of one.

    It's gonna be a great year for them and people who follow their activities, I can feel it.
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  6. ddd I would honestly take a group comeback this year.
  7. You're not alone on that, I see many fans on Twitter are not happy about this hiatus.

    I personally started liking the group when they were doing solo stuff and followed and enjoyed all of them. And also as much as I love the group's material, I like their solo albums better. So that's why I'm excited for their solo careers but I also can see why some of the fans are not happy with the situation.
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  8. There's just this magic when all girls are together on stage that no other group is able to reproduce and I just wish we could still see if often. But I'm happy for everyone following down different career paths!
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  9. What's Sunny up to???
    I know she seemed really devastated when she had to leave her radio show...
    Any possibility that she'll go back...
    Also, any chance of more Japanese music???
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    I do not follow them as much as others here, but I'm sure for your last questions it is a big No.
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  11. She’s been working quite a lot lately and appearing on several variety shows.
    As for japanese releases it’s pretty much guaranteed that Taeyeon will be making a japanese debut this year.
    The status of the group is somewhat up in the air and everyone is doing their thing for a while so no news of korean or japanese comebacks.
  12. Call me when they are secretly working on how to bring back Jessica.
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  13. Wait, I had no idea. I thought only groups go there.
  14. Well, the whole korean idols debuting in Japan thing started because BoA who is a soloist started branching out there.
    Taemin has had quite a successful stint in Japan last year. And Taeyeon's dad said she would have japanese releases in 2018.
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  15. Older idol groups that have a solid base in Japan can easily have members promote solo there.

    Daesung from BigBang has had multiple dome tours and is doing really well. Isn't Jiyoung from Kara also active as an actress in Japan now?
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  16. Both Jiyoung and Nicole are semi-successful solo artists in Japan. Loved Nicole’s album, and Jiyoung’s singles last year were good too.
  17. Korean artists releasing music and being successful in Japan started way before BoA. There are trot artists slaying the enka market. Most of SS501 members are regularly releasing solo material there. Taeyeon will have no problems retaining some SNSD fan base but she will sell like 25% of what group sold because soloist (except few: Utada, Namie, Kana Nishino) usually sell much less than idols.
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  18. Sooyoung gave us a cheap OT9 moment during her reality show.

    "After I debuted "I can't do it like this" is what I thought. I regretted it a lot. In terms of dance and singing, I wan't ready but I was debuting. I regretted debuting without being ready. After we debuted, rather than the group, each of our talents were important. So I thought "what am I good at?". My position wasn't really set, there wasn't anything I was really good at. "She's alright at singing, she's alright at dancing" is what most people said. "But there isn't anything she's particulary good at". So trying to find what I was good at within a group of nine girls, I'm not that good at it yet but, acting was the first time I received a compliment. I want to hear people saying I'm really good at something"

    This makes me upset. She's insanely good looking, an incredibly magnetic performer, she can write songs, act well and is a pretty good singer when given the chance to showcase her talents. Not to mention fluent in Japanese, which was crucial for the group's promotions in Japan.

    And I'm surprised she said "nine girls" because the members usually talk about the group as if they've always been 8 nowadays, which I assume is instructed by SM. Her new agency seems to be giving her lots of attention too because she's kind of everywhere now.
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  19. Come through Sooyoung with that awareness of Jessica's existence.

    Now if the others could come through as well, xoxo.
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  20. BoA just went there (and it was awesome). More Taeyeon (in any language, Portugeuse, Swahili, Welch, Urdu, anything) is never a bad thing. Except maybe English because my head would probably explode...
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