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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. @ohnostalgia should learn from this. Stan Fine.
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  2. No.
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  3. What kind of Carrie realness????
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  4. Dddd this made me cackle

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  5. Sober is a bop! I am surprised by how bald it left me.
  6. I'm here for Hyo being incredible...
  7. - DJ HYO's set would include a lot of Girls' Generation songs because there are so many songs both in Korean and Japanese, and this would be a good time to spotlight songs that didn't get highlighted.

    - Any specific songs?

    - Genie and The Boys.

  8. He


    Justice for Karma Butterfly.
  9. Girls' Generation never disbanded, so we can always come back when the time is right. It could be an 11th anniversary, a 12th anniversary project... we're currently focusing on our individual solo projects, but one day, sometime soon, we'll definitely come back to our fans. Together.
  10. Hyo for 'Creative Book':

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  11. Hyo is the new visual...
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    Hyo feeling herself and looking like a star makes me happy.
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  13. The only reason that can make me endure a kdrama is seohyun.
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  14. Happy 6th anniversary to this masterpiece :)

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  15. The nickname checks out.
  16. I love what Tiffany wrote on Instagram about TTS and SNSD.
  17. The newly inaugurated SM Museum has pictures of the scrapped Lion Heart MV.

    From what I saw each member got their each little profile section, along with TTS and of course the full group.

    As for music news, a producer said he's been working on tracks for Taeyeon since January, and Yoona is releasing "To You", a new song, on May 13th. It's an acoustic ballad penned by her.
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    Does the SM museum acknowledge Jessica?
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