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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. They do! (I mean, not too much, but still, she has not been erased completely... yet)

    ... Which is unexpected, actually?

    I mean, it would have been incredibly stupid to rewrite history and try to pretend like there's only been 8 girls since the start in a museum supposed to tell the story as it is - of all places... but considering that's what the girls themselves have done in the past, I guess I didn't know what to expect.

    EDIT: Wait, even more interesting actually considering apparently they've completely erased TVXQ's ex three members.
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  2. It's one thing to be the DUMPEE, another to be the DUMPER....[/COLOR]
  3. It does. She doesn’t have a “profile” but she’s in the promo pictures.

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  4. For the Yoona stans, I guess...

    Not doing it for me, sorry.
  5. His name is @Cotton Park!!!
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  6. That's more like a lullaby than a song. At least When the Wind Blows was cute.
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  7. YoonA doesn't have to sing for stannage. In fact. The less she sings the better.
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  8. I like Yoona's song. She's released so many songs already. It reached #1 in 15 countries, on iTunes.
  9. Jessica walking the Cannes red carpet:
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  10. Ugh, her mind!
  11. There are some points that she has made
  12. Miss Vanjie...
  13. Wait... I've never heard of this scrapped Lion Heart video. What happend?
  14. We don't really know why it was scrapped, but they shot a whole new video for it after the initial teaser. The original did look much cheaper though.
  15. I may be wrong here but has a new logo been uploaded onto Spotify for them? Can't remember seeing that one before. Wonder why it's been changed.
  16. It looks new to me too...
  17. Unless we're not seeing the same thing (could be, with different countries and what not) the one I'm seeing is just the logo on the 'Mr.Mr.' disc.
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  18. Ddddd does whoever updates their Spotify profile not have access to anything post-Mr Mr in terms of press photos? For the longest time, it was just the Mr Mr promo shots.
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  19. They actually updated their profile picture to this 2-3 months ago and also added Holiday Night as their latest release. I don't know why they changed it again to whatever it is now.

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  20. Yoong slaying at her fanmeeting today.

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