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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. He


    Poor Tiffany. Her family life / history seems difficult.
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  2. She hasn't just been randomly opening up about her family. AllKPop essentially published a hit piece on her for clicks and it's just gross.
  3. Ugh, the Korean culture.
  4. Not sure how her father being a serial grifter has anything to do with Korean culture but ok. Most of the comments I've seen on Korean news sites have been overwhelmingly supportive of her.
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  5. I meant the fact that she has to comment on those news in any way. She probaby felt that she needed to say something herself, still I bet that if she didn't the Korean netizen would link her to this eventually and say that she was wrong not to say anything when she's not in charge of her father's actions.
  6. you decided to make a comment lamenting the entire Korean culture based on your own preconceived notions (shaped by the shoddy journalism of most English K-pop sites, no doubt) of how Koreans would have responded to this news. That's kind of... racist?

    P.S. the "Korean netizen" strawmen stopped being useful when Kpop companies decided to abuse Korea's fucked up libel laws and started suing people for leaving mean comments on the internet. I guarantee you that the English comments on YouTube and other international platforms are far more disturbing and meaner these days than what you'd see on Naver, etc. Stop with the offensive generalizations.
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  7. As far as I’m concerned the people who comment on those websites can eat shit after what they did to Tiffany in 2016.

    It’s a marvel Tiffany turned out to be the positive and grounded person she is after so much turmoil in her family. And terrible that she had to deal with her father doing all kinds of shady stuff while SNSD was at their absolute peak. I’m glad she had the girls and mama Choi to look after her.
  8. Regardless.

    I’ve been watching reactions to All Night and I don’t understand how it wasn’t a bigger hit. It’s probably my favourite song of theirs.
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  9. See, that's what happens when we stop discussing Jessica.
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  10. Okay, this is getting out of hand. I've made my post while I was half asleep after only briefly looking through that tweet @Dangerous Maknae has posted, and I was mostly upset with it's title - "Tiffany’s apology letter for her father’s past debt issues", which made it sound like she's apologizing for her father's action, when in my opinion, she doesn't have to. After reading her letter thoroughly, I understand that the title doesn't reflect the actual contents of her letter. I meantioned netizens, because in the past they loved to be vile in regards of similar situations and try to blame the artists for the wrongdoings of their relatives. If, as you say, the situation has changed, then it's great. I didn't even know that the labels started suing people.

    Having given this some thought, I see now how my comment might have been offending, I'm sorry.
  11. Wasn’t Taeyeon supposed to release this year?

    I need a new album from her already.
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  12. It's funny how for two years in a row Taeyeon was nominated for artists who should take a rest by @Slice of Life (the audacity though) and now we're craving for new material from her like she's Sky Ferreira of K-Pop.
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  13. He


    I (instrumental) is enough for now.
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  14. Eh...

    I wish people (not just Jessica) would just stop releasing Christmas music.

    They hardly do that well anymore in the current landscape besides the obvious classics, but most importantly, they’re rarely good.
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  15. Pretty cover.
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  16. The cover is gorgeous.

    Is it too much to expect a bop though?
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  17. I hate Christmas songs but I'd be willing to give that a shot.
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  18. Well I loved and still use Taeyeon's Christmas album and Tiffany's Peppermint is very cute. And I missed Sica's sugary but chill tracks so I'm looking forward to this.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Taeyeon’s Christmas album was great, and EXO’s are always consistently great as well. I say, the more the merrier (ha).
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  20. I'm just happy she's releasing something, with her saying the album is coming next year I wasn't expecting anything until May.
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