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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. ACOUSTIC SOUNDS..............

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  2. Sigh.

    Who knows, the "heavy bass" comment could potentially turn this into some sort of cold winter minimalistic yet trap-ish number...but considering it's self-produced, I'm not too sure about that.

    I still think Taeyeon reigns supreme in terms of solo music despite all of you hating her amazing ballads, but I never NEVER would have thought Hyoyeon would have the second best solo material dddd. Whew!
  3. To be fair, I only hate I dddddd. I can't handle the yodel no matter how hard I try. I'm weak ddddddd.
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  4. Circus >> Something New > Lil' Touch > Into You >> Sober >> Punk Right Now >>> Tiffany >>>>>>>> Christmas songs
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  5. Not my TaengSic ballad loving heart kinda digging this actually ddd...
    She sounds great.​
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  6. The SooYoung single is quite cute and she sounds good on it.
  7. Ooh, this sounds not bad at all.
  8. He


    I hate idol’s bland taste in music but Sooyoung sounds really good here. Vocal queen.
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  9. The song is boring as expected but I'm genuinely shocked by her tone/vocals. Like where has it been in the last 11 years?
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  10. Probably hidden in the three second lines, I mean, words she gets.
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  11. I’ll wait for the full group comeback.
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    I think when roles are so defined in a group (especially for Tatiseo), there’s little room for the rest to do / try much.
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  13. She was always in a pretty awkward position in the group (her and Sunny, actually), and she said so herself in the past.

    She said she didn't have a good enough voice to compete with the vocal line, but I remember her saying she also didn't feel like she was as good of a dancer as the rest of the dance line. She's always been in that weird in-between where she couldn't really shine because others were pushed to the front, especially when, like others have said, roles are defined and implemented religiously, and then popularity comes into the equation too.

    Either way, I am excited to hear the rest.
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  14. I always felt like Sunny and Sooyoung deserved better...
  15. Regarding Sunny, I was a bit taken aback by SM's intention of making her sing in that cutesy chipmunk voice all the time. I remember the first time I was listening to Saranghae Saranghae by MIRYO, I was astonished at how good and different Sunny sounded there. Thank god some later songs changed that about her vocal direction.

    I guess Sooyoung is kinda the same vocal-wise, because she sounds quite different in her new song compared to her vocals on most Girls' Generation songs.
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  16. It's quite beautiful.​
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  17. She sounds real pretty here.
  18. I almost stopped listening half-way through, but glad I didn't.
    Now I feel like I should go back and finish listening to Yoona's last song.
  19. She definitely sounds very different. I think now she isn't with SM she has finally been able to invest more in herself than they would have bothered to as she doesn't sound typically SM. She sounds so beautiful.
  20. Okay, wig.

    We love our new Indie Kween.
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