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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. A rumoured 2019 SM schedule lists Taeyeon's full album and Sunny's solo debut with a mini album next month, and Hyoyeon's first full album in April.

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  2. Hyoyeon's full album makes me sure that this won't happen ddd.

    My hopes for new year will be:

    - Taeyeon full album
    - A good Tiffany EP
    - Full group album (or an Oh!GG mini album if it's still soon for a full group comeback)
    - Jessica releases bops
    - Seohyun solo album
    - No more ballads
  3. I'm surprised an Oh!GG comeback isn't listed yet after the success of Lil Touch.

    But I'm more than curious to see what sound Sunny would bring!

    Whew imagine a mega concert where everyone gets to perform a medley of their solos in between sections.
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  4. More 레드벨벳....
  5. And what about SM's new GG?
  6. Please be true!
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  7. Please don’t be - where’s f(x)?
  8. A mini album from Sunny? Who ordered that?
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  9. Sunny always has been and always will be the most iconic SNSD soloist.
  10. I need a banger, a ballad and mid-tempo bop please Sunny.

    (I’ll get one ballad and an instrumental and will have to deal)
  11. If all the girls give us something akin to Taeyeon's and Yuri's output I would be over the moon.
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  12. SM hates women.
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  13. Dddd Tiffany is nominated for an iHeart Radio Music award:

    Best Solo Breakout: *Socially Voted Category

    Ally Brooke

    Dinah Jane

    Lauren Jauregui


    Tiffany Young

    With the votes of 10 remaining Fifth Harmony fans being splitted in 4 ways, I think she has a chance for this.
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  14. I'm dying at the nominees.
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  15. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    But bih, let's vote for her. I don't wanna lose to the last 10 remaining Harmonizers qjdhdjsjsjs.
  16. Can I get Taeyeon’s new album already @SM ENTERTAINMENT

  17. Tiffany's episode of Homecoming for MTV segment has been released.

  18. I just watched it and... I love her so much.
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  19. Me.
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