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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I could do without the border, but I like the picture. A bit perched.
  2. I hope that the EP contains at least one good song because I haven't been impressed so far.

    I had a dream about Girls Generation last night. I dreamed that I was seeing them live in this tiny venue in Manchester with my mum and it was amazing. I wanted to buy merchandise afterwards, but my mum told me we didn't have time to buy anything because we had to go see Rick Astley and Take That live at the other side of the city in less than twenty minutes. I'm a bit sad that dream-universe me is going to more k-pop concerts than the real, awake version of me.
  3. Tiffany's EP is out

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  4. The Flower is so pretty.

    I'm not sold on the overall quality of the EP, to be honest. It sounds a bit cheap and dated.
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  5. Yeah it's quite basic and dated in terms of production and everything but I really like Not Barbie.

    The Flower gives me Shape of You vibes but it's cute. She sounds amazing on Runaway but it's too much of a late 90s/early 00s R&B ballad for me to listen to.
  6. Overall I enjoy this EP quite a bit, especially The Flower which is hands down her best English song. Although that metaphor "I'll be the flower to your vase" is so... clunky.
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  7. At first, I thought she was singing “I’ll be the flower to your veins” and even though that’s nonsense... I liked it so much more than “I’ll be the flower to your vase”

    Also, the mixing on her vocals sound off in some of these songs. The problem with her stuff post SM is that they’re not bad... but it’s just not quite there.
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  8. I'm surprised by how much I like The Flower.
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  9. It's not bad, she's probably trying to find an image she's comfortable with
    Maybe she should try to go back to Korea (i know it's pretty hard with the whole 'imperialist' thing, but...), or at least get in contact with some other producers
  10. If she has a say in what songs to release now, and her own taste is of this variety... changing producers might not help. Although who knows, she might be still searching for her own sound. God forbid this particular one being her final choice.

    I guess we kinda expected a slick and polished material from her, as we got used to SM perfecting everything. Instead we got more of an indie-sounding project.
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  11. It’s all alright. Pleasant enough but I don’t think I’d actively chose to put it on.
  12. Y'all wanted a cheap JeTi moment?

  13. Ddd apparently a few people fainted at Tiffany's show. When will anyone else?

    Also has anyone considered going to see her? @Cotton Park @Island
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  14. This was the setlist by the way

    Nice of her to perform The Flower and IJWD first so the gays can leave earlier.
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  15. She performed Talk Talk and Peppermint (A Christmas song in March???) but didn’t perform Talk or What Do I Do?

    We can’t have it all, folks.
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  16. If you have a song like Heartbreak Hotel, don’t neglect it.
  17. Oh my! I forgot to include this in my post. Heartbreak Hotel is honestly one of her best. I really loved her acoustic English rendition of it.
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  18. Sunny’s solo was a lie wasn’t it?
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  19. So apparently Tiffany is going to win the iHeart Radio award??

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