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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. She'd better, she's winning the popular vote.

    Tiffany also sang a clip of Light Up the Sky (from Holiday Night) at her tour. Her vocals have been incredible on this show!

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  2. She won!

  3. Light Up The Sky is such a beautiful song.
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  4. Drop the selfie
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  5. After almost two years SM is giving us... a single.

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  6. It's probably my favorite song of this year already ddd.
  7. He


    That looks like a ballad.
  8. I'm losing my mind because I just watched someone unbox the album and the official lyrics in the booklet are "I'll be the flower to your pain"... queen of ambiguous pronunciation.
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  9. This is even worse, because it doesn't make any sense... Is she an aloe then?
  10. Well if you get stung by a nettle, you get one of the bay leafs (is that what they are called) to get rid of the sting.
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  11. Or a plantain for the cuts and bruses...
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  12. So Taeyeon's song was released today and it's #2 on Melon. I was worried about its performance on charts considering the fact that Something New didn't do well but I'm relieved. The B-Side is also in the top 15 and it's pretty nice.

    Also a performance of Four Seasons

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  13. I'm pretty sure it just means, like... "Hey, you're in pain, but look, a nice flower!"
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  14. Looks like I'll stick to a vase then.
  15. I’ve been working so much that I haven’t been keeping up with the girls.

    I really love Taeyeon’s song and I’m glad it’s already a big hit!
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  16. Today was the VIP premiere of Sooyoung's movie "Memory of a dead end" and some of the members went to support her ♥

  17. He


    Is the one in pink Yuri?
  18. Thats Seohyun, the homeless looking one is Yuri
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