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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. He


    Wait I see Yuri in the third pic.

    Isn’t Yoona the hobo looking one? with the frumpy coat and Chanel bag.

    Edit: kii that’s both Yuri isn’t it? They have similar faces sometimes.
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  2. I am nourished for the next 6 months.
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  3. It is. A very Disney ballad at that but it sounds lovely to me ddddd.

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  4. So I was reminded of a few old Persian songs everytime I listened to Four Seasons' chorus but I couldn't really say why. And I just found out one of the three composers of the song is actually Iranian dddd. It makes sense a bit now.

    (I might become a music critic or something someday, kii.)
  5. 'Blue' is honestly so good, what a perfect companion for 'Four Seasons'.

    It also reminds me of 'Circus' so it's obviously a masterpierce xoxo
  6. I completely agree. Definitely a middle-eastern/subcontinental feel to it. Not unlike "Li'l Touch."
    I'm not sure I like it. My office-mate loved it, though.

    I'm still playing the hell out of her most recent Japanese tracks like "Stay" and "I'm The Greatest." I don't like this as much.

    EDIT: To those just coming around to TaeTae, "I'm The Greatest" is everything you need to know about her voice. I'm gonna go listen to it again right now... I think it would win a CMA if it was in English...
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  7. GRAMAMA-winning artist, Tiffany Young, whose album just went platinum in Korea* is aiming for lesser awards

    When asked about her goal as a musician, Tiffany named winning at the Grammy awards. “When we started Girls’ Generation, I said I wanted to be a Daesang-winning artist,” she explained. A Daesang is a grand prize at one of Korea’s year-end music award ceremonies.

    “I didn’t say that just because it’s an award; I like that it holds the meaning that the work we’ve created was impactful,” Tiffany added. “I think that if you do something, you have to go all the way. I have to go all the way to the Grammys. I’m going back to how I felt when I was younger, and I have the desire again to go to the Grammys.”

    * She is considered a foreign artist in Korea so with selling 5K albums, her album went platinum there. Queen of always finding a way to win.
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  8. The neighborhood K-Pop record stores probably does not even carry Lips on Lips. To buy foreign albums in Korea, you must find the stores as opposed to K-Pop which is on every corner.

    Having visited a KPop record store in Seoul several times, they do not carry records from foreign labels at all, just from the local record labels.
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  9. This! It was alright for me at first but it's slowly becoming my favorite of the two songs, just like what happened for me with Circus and Something New.

    And I don't know if it's because of me being a super stan or she's genuinely so good but she's at a point that I believe she can do no wrong. Wether she releases a bop or a christmas ballad, I just know I'm gonna love them and she never disappoints.
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  10. She was always my favorite right after Jessica, so maybe I'm biased dddd, but same. I think the quality of the music has been superb, and not just recently. And you really can't blame her for making the same stuff over and over again, she's genuinely playing with different sounds, while still keeping true to herself. Her voice is as good as ever, she carries so much weight when singing, with or without the usual flashy acrobatics.

    I do wish we had another full album already, though. SM is playing games. She has the material, she's literally performing it at concerts since forever.
  11. I'm just hoping they released Four Seasons first so she can come back with a hit after Something New and Page 0 flopped and then release riskier songs that she performed on the tour for later releases.
  12. 70k is a flop now?
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  13. Oh I didn't mean physical sales. She (and other members) never really flop on that matter.

    But Something New lasted on Melon for like a week, which is pretty bad for an artist that has multiple #1s under her belt.
  14. So I'm not getting it, which is more important nowadays: the actual sales or the number of weeks on the charts? @Sanctuary, help.
  15. I think actual sales are more important in terms of profit but it's the streaming numbers that shows if the general public cares about an artist/song or not.

    Plus with having a huge hit on your hands, you're obviously getting more sales than when the public didn't like your song. (The new single album's sales are already around 150K, while Something New sold about 70K as you mentioned).
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  16. But she didn’t promote Somethingn New at all. She’s released 4 Seasons while on tour.
  17. The best song of 2018 has reached 100m views on Youtube.

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  18. dddd I don't know if I would go that far, but it came on shuffle today, and it's genuinely such a great tune, very addictive.

    I don't wanna say it was poorly received around here (because it wasn't), but I do think had it been released by one of the nugu groups, or maybe by them, but six years ago, people would have lapped it up a lot more.
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  19. Well, to be fair... they didn’t really do promos for it aside for that show on VLive. But they never performed the track live
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  20. Maybe Taeyeon is the real actress of this group after all
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