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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. So I'm not getting it, which is more important nowadays: the actual sales or the number of weeks on the charts? @Sanctuary, help.
  2. I think actual sales are more important in terms of profit but it's the streaming numbers that shows if the general public cares about an artist/song or not.

    Plus with having a huge hit on your hands, you're obviously getting more sales than when the public didn't like your song. (The new single album's sales are already around 150K, while Something New sold about 70K as you mentioned).
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  3. But she didn’t promote Somethingn New at all. She’s released 4 Seasons while on tour.
  4. The best song of 2018 has reached 100m views on Youtube.

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  5. dddd I don't know if I would go that far, but it came on shuffle today, and it's genuinely such a great tune, very addictive.

    I don't wanna say it was poorly received around here (because it wasn't), but I do think had it been released by one of the nugu groups, or maybe by them, but six years ago, people would have lapped it up a lot more.
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  6. Well, to be fair... they didn’t really do promos for it aside for that show on VLive. But they never performed the track live
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  7. Maybe Taeyeon is the real actress of this group after all
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  8. What is this‽ I'M DYING, she's hilarious.
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  9. Now THAT

    was a classic.

  10. Is this legit?​
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  11. If it is, it better not just be Japanese versions of some songs from My Voice. Unless it means we get videos for classics like Time Lapse, Cover Up, Feel So Fine, Eraser, Love In Color.......any of the songs really dddd.
  12. It's 6 brand new tracks.
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  13. YES!
  14. Let's hope they're better than her first two Japanese songs, which are probably the only songs I don't like in her catalog.
  15. Taeyeon - Voice EP Tracklist

    I Found You
    Turnt and Burnt

    CD + DVD (Live Concert - Japan Showcase)
    CD + DVD + Photobook
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  16. But Stay was nice?!
  17. It was fine but it reminds me of Jessica's Fly which is not a very positive point in my book ddd. She's done way better than that, even for her album tracks.
  18. It sounds nothing like Fly.
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  19. Both tracks were great, ddd.
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  20. This is amazing. Into The New World really is that bitch uh.
    The best GG debut song by a long shot and a true anthem.
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