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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I get chills sometimes from ITNW.

    There’s something extremely anthemic about it, without the usual components of said anthems. It’s quite weird.

    Anyway, I agree. Best GG debut.
  2. This hot take...

  3. I love that Into the New World has become a social justice anthem in Korea...
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  4. So apparently Tiffany has been receiving hate from a nugu boy group’s stans because of her fandom name or something? dddd
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  5. TXT (the new boyband from BTS’s company) released their fandom name and it’s Young One. Tiffany’s fandom name is Young Ones and she’s an established senior act.
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  6. I just got the DVD of Something New Tour that includes performances of Something New, Circus, I Got Love, Love You Like Crazy and the rest of unreleased songs.


    Be ready for hourly spams about it from me in the next few days.
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  7. Previews for Taeyeon's japanese mini album

    I love every single song?
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  8. Seems like a solid album! Vanilla and Voice are standouts to me.
  9. Are they really teasing an album that will be released in more than one month? that is TORTURE.
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  10. That is the Japanese way of putting things out for you.
  11. It’s all very good. But I wish she’d just do one absolute bonkers dance track solo. DJ Hyo has to be my fave solo SNSD member.
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  12. The first 2 tracks aside, it doesn't sound very interesting to me but I'm sure I'm gonna have it on repeat when it's released.
  13. I'm ready for an OT5 (or OT9, let me LIVE, monsters) comeback at this point...
  14. The gay club I go to most weekends still plays Punk Right Now every Saturday, and people still freak. What a fucking bop.
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  15. I want this. I want another Korean album already.

    What games is SM playing.

  16. So Tiffany has a documentary "Mi Young Diaries : Lips on Lips" and the first chapter is released tomorrow.

    I love seeing her more than listening to her so this should be good for me.
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  17. You shady binch fhdhfgfdvnxgh
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  18. Just finished watching the first episode of the Tiffany documentary. It felt like she was going to burst into tears any time. I admire her strength especially when she talked about her mom and when she died.

    Has it been brought up that Tiffany's mom took her own life or is it just speculation? Such a painful thing to go through.
  19. Wow I had no idea.

    Apparently on her website she wrote
    Makes this clip all the sadder

  20. Please be good

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