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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. You already know the next part...

    Why do I love her so much?
  2. Just listen to the crowd. Okay, I'm not the only one...
  3. Tiffany just released Runaway. It’s rather lovely.

  4. I prefer it to the original, it's beautiful.
  5. She looks exceptionally good in this.
  6. I like this new version. The odd time signature is oddly mesmerising.
  7. Reminding us all who KPop's #1 center still is:
  8. I don't think she has any personality when she dances.
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  9. Yeah, I agree.

    I always thought it was really odd she was considered part of the dancing line. (I'm not questioning her place in the group, though, nor her role in their success.)
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  10. Is Yoona considered the group’s visual???
    I know she’s the center, but would she also qualify as the visual???
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  11. I think she is/was, yes?

    I remember reading back then, at the very start of their careers, how no one would really give them much of a chance (as with most girlgroups) and most of their early support stemmed from people trying to check "Yoona's group" because they all really liked her face/looks.

    I can't really testify that myself, that being said.
    Although I discovered them pretty early in their careers, at the time I wasn't really obsessed with any aspect of K-Pop besides the actual music, and also, tidbit information as such was much harder to get by back then anyway. (Nowadays everything is translated within an hour on YouTube, but I think a lot of us can remember watching 240p variety interviews videos divided into 7 parts on Dailymotion, subbed two months after the initial airing dddd)
  12. Yoona is definitely their visual. She was the standard for quite some time.
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  13. I think @Vixen is right, looking back. I do vaguely remember Yoona being extremely popular in the early days (and me not really understanding why and stubbornly not liking Yoona as a result because I was a mess back then).
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  14. He


    I don’t “get” Yoona, but I think it’s kind of iconic how iconic she is in Asia.

    Yuri is my dancing and visual queen.

    Stream the gem that is Into You and most of the mini.
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  15. There’s no doubt Yoona is one of if not the prettiest idol, and I think that overshadows everything else.
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  16. He


    To me she really isn't even though she is a beautiful woman of course, but I don't think this is a conversation to pursue since it's so subjective.

    In the end she should release one banger at least, enough with the ballads.
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  17. I was about to tell you guys that Yoona does in fact have a banger, then I realised it was Jessica's ddddddd

    Still, more of a banger than anything else Jessica put out either, so...
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  18. YoonA has all the intangibles. She's stunning but approachable. She has a unique look, with an adorable sideways kind of smile, legs for days, and a gleam in her eye, grace, and warm, serene confidence when she performs that is rare. That style became a trademark for SNSD in general and helped make them what they are today. She's a very underrated dancer, as well. Watch her closely. She's always sharp and "on" - even in the background.


    Watch how she ever so subtly takes over both the "All Night" and "Holiday" dance formations at the key moments. I don't think anyone does more with less than YoonA.

    She's also one of the idols (and a lot of people may not know this) that might be more famous in the mainstream of SK for her acting career than her musical career. It's as if Anne Hathaway or Emma Stone also performed in a hugely popular girl group on the side.

    I love YoonA. Would love to see her get better material. Not a fan of the ballads they give her.
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  19. That gif.
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