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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I think I like every track on her EP but they all sound like they need a boost so I'm hoping this sister she's collaborating with wil give us that boost.

  2. Wait

    Yoona is releasing a Special Album!
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  3. I will gag if it's better than Tiffany's album.
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  4. Kii if there’s a vocal run somewhere.
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  5. The fact of the matter is that Yoongphrodite is eating 90% of today's pop performers.

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  6. Taeyeon's album is so good. I Found You is gorgeous.
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  7. You already know the next part...

    Why do I love her so much?
  8. Just listen to the crowd. Okay, I'm not the only one...
  9. Tiffany just released Runaway. It’s rather lovely.

  10. I prefer it to the original, it's beautiful.
  11. She looks exceptionally good in this.
  12. I like this new version. The odd time signature is oddly mesmerising.
  13. Reminding us all who KPop's #1 center still is:
  14. I don't think she has any personality when she dances.
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  15. Yeah, I agree.

    I always thought it was really odd she was considered part of the dancing line. (I'm not questioning her place in the group, though, nor her role in their success.)
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  16. Is Yoona considered the group’s visual???
    I know she’s the center, but would she also qualify as the visual???
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  17. I think she is/was, yes?

    I remember reading back then, at the very start of their careers, how no one would really give them much of a chance (as with most girlgroups) and most of their early support stemmed from people trying to check "Yoona's group" because they all really liked her face/looks.

    I can't really testify that myself, that being said.
    Although I discovered them pretty early in their careers, at the time I wasn't really obsessed with any aspect of K-Pop besides the actual music, and also, tidbit information as such was much harder to get by back then anyway. (Nowadays everything is translated within an hour on YouTube, but I think a lot of us can remember watching 240p variety interviews videos divided into 7 parts on Dailymotion, subbed two months after the initial airing dddd)
  18. Yoona is definitely their visual. She was the standard for quite some time.
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  19. I think @Vixen is right, looking back. I do vaguely remember Yoona being extremely popular in the early days (and me not really understanding why and stubbornly not liking Yoona as a result because I was a mess back then).
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