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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

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    I don’t “get” Yoona, but I think it’s kind of iconic how iconic she is in Asia.

    Yuri is my dancing and visual queen.

    Stream the gem that is Into You and most of the mini.
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  2. There’s no doubt Yoona is one of if not the prettiest idol, and I think that overshadows everything else.
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    To me she really isn't even though she is a beautiful woman of course, but I don't think this is a conversation to pursue since it's so subjective.

    In the end she should release one banger at least, enough with the ballads.
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  4. I was about to tell you guys that Yoona does in fact have a banger, then I realised it was Jessica's ddddddd

    Still, more of a banger than anything else Jessica put out either, so...
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  5. YoonA has all the intangibles. She's stunning but approachable. She has a unique look, with an adorable sideways kind of smile, legs for days, and a gleam in her eye, grace, and warm, serene confidence when she performs that is rare. That style became a trademark for SNSD in general and helped make them what they are today. She's a very underrated dancer, as well. Watch her closely. She's always sharp and "on" - even in the background.


    Watch how she ever so subtly takes over both the "All Night" and "Holiday" dance formations at the key moments. I don't think anyone does more with less than YoonA.

    She's also one of the idols (and a lot of people may not know this) that might be more famous in the mainstream of SK for her acting career than her musical career. It's as if Anne Hathaway or Emma Stone also performed in a hugely popular girl group on the side.

    I love YoonA. Would love to see her get better material. Not a fan of the ballads they give her.
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  6. That gif.
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  7. Into You is criminally underrated. I still bop to it frequently and the mini was really solid. I wish it was a hit for Yuri but I guess I should be thankful she got one album at least.
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    Theres literally three to four really good tracks in there.

    I was shook I discovered it only now. Suddenly the maknae is me.
  9. [​IMG]

    It's a missing OT9 kinda day today...

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  10. I want a Hyoyeon special album, instead we got one for YoonA. Justice for Sober, Punk Right Now and Miss Terry.
  11. Scream. I literally felt like this gif when I was telling my sister about the clues in these pictures.


    That's not Yoona though, she's Jessica's stylist ddd.
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  12. Hope Yoona doesn’t get in trouble for this!

    Oh wait, just read the tiny text. Maybe, striking similarity though.

    Of course, they must see each other anyways. The girls aren’t believed to have fallen out did they?
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  13. Pretty sure Jessica answered that question in an interview a few years ago (2016?) by saying she was still "in touch with some of them" and "wasn't with others". I'm not sure how much weight that still holds in mid-2019, but here you go.

    It's a bit ironic because I believe the four members she was the closest to by 2014 were Yoona, Yuri, Sunny and Hyoyeon...which are literally the 4/5 members who stayed with SM in the end, kii.
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  14. I’m still an SNSD fan. As much as I dislike Jessica (this was pre-split so that didn’t change my opinion) I would like to see all 9 again.

    Sorry but I couldn’t give two fucks about Oh GG or whatever it was. A step up from TTS but not for me.
  15. What did it say?
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  16. Not Barbìe video coming? Poor The Flower ddd.

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  17. Thank you.
  18. They are so cute, oh my god.
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  19. I was just thinking wouldn't it be a plot twist if Jessica was actually there and she took the photo? Hahaha
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