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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Absolutely in their top 5, what a song.
  2. Why do I always get the feeling BAD GIRL is so underrated?

    I mean...
  3. Twelve years ago, the biggest girl group of the 21st century debuted.

    Happy anniversary to SNSD!
  4. I was going through my old blog and found this curious commercial with Super Junior that has Kumi's "TABOO" instumental as a background music. 2011 was wild.
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  5. I hate that I remember this. Every time I'm reminded of my period when I stanned Super Junior I feel like I need to cleanse myself.
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  6. There is a very robust SuJu fandom here and I was a part of it for a couple of years when I was only starting listening to KPop. Ah, good old ignorant days.
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  7. Some random soshi news.

    Yoona has the best selling solo female album so far.

    Sunny and Yuri were supportive of T-ARA members during their bullying scandal.

  8. Yoona having the best selling album of the year when she doesn't even have an album got me screaming a bit.
  9. Soju is fucking dreadful but Tiffany is a treasure

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  10. He


    I kind of had to stop at "drag superstar". Is it worth it?
  11. I’m pretty sure that’s the same drag queen who tried to use 2NE1 to drag SNSD on Twitter a couple months back and got curbstombed by both fanbases dddd
  12. Tiffany was a delight even when Soju started talking about dildos.
  13. I really wanted to like Soju so so much but it’s not realistic.
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  14. Tiffany is so great...
    Is it true that a lot of the other season 11 girls high key can’t stand Soju???
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  15. I don't give Tiffany enough credit sometimes. "Magnetic Moon" is amazing.
    Someone who knows what they're doing is finally producing her.
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  16. And I just decided to go see her at the Paradise in Boston.
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  17. Tiffany’s music isn’t so bad but the vocal production is a mess.
  18. I really don’t want to dismiss anyone’s opinions because it’s a common complaint on this forum about Fernando Garibay’s work in general.


    I really can’t hear anything wrong in how Tiffany sounds, or anyone else for that matter. I guess my ears cannot hear what everyone else’s ears do. I think her voice suits the song.

    Is it like not being able to taste the difference between a fine wine and grape juice? Lol. EDIT: I can actually tell the difference between these two things though so no it’s not.
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  19. He


    I actually love how she sounds in Magnetic Moon. Just wish she could be heard a bit more in the chorus. I like the idea.
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  20. No, it's totally subjective.
    I like the vocal effects in Magnetic Moon. They kind of took me aback at first, in a good way.
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