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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Happy 1st anniversary to Oh!GG!

    Now drop the dance practice girls.
  2. I was so excited about that era as I thought it meant we'd get more but I was so naive.
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  3. I still adore both songs Oh!GG released to death.
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  4. Yeah, 'Lil Touch' is still one of my favorite songs from 2018. Just infectious. The hook is undeniable.
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  5. Fermata still takes my breath away tbh.
  6. People are speculating Tiffany is on Masked Singer!
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  7. I saw a clip of it, it definitely sounds like her.
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  8. He


    Yas Tiffany, belt it out! Is it on YouTube?
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  9. This is all I’ve seen
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  10. I watched 3 seconds and I'm 100% sure it's her. A unique icon.
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  11. It does sound like she tried singing a little bit differently, like maybe lower, but it still sounds a lot like her.
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  12. She really has one of those unmistakable voices.
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  13. I’ve been getting Magnetic Moon played at the club I go to every weekend for the past few weeks, and it goes off. Talent.
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  14. I admire your vigor.
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  15. I’m close with the DJ and he plays all my requests, I don’t have a choice really.
  16. You always have a choice.
  17. If I'm getting Punk Right Now and Magnetic Moon played weekly, I'm not sure that I do...
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  18. Yes, it's definitely her on Masked Singer. Her tone is unmistakable. She sounds really good.
  19. Hello Sowons. I come in peace.
    But there's something that's not sitting right with me. So... a bit of a back story for context's sake.
    I am not the most familiar with Sonyo Sidae's discography. I know. Blasphemy. Soz. In order to change that a bit, I looked into some of their deep cuts and discovered a song that has been on heavy rotation ever since. According to my Spotify stats it even managed to become my most streamed song in the last 4 weeks. Talent. The song... truly the work of pioneers. SNSD literally did the WJSN/Loona thing before WJSN/Loona even existed. Cosmic bop, astronomy references and vocal excellence. A synth-pop, disco-tinged delicacy of the highest caliber.
    I, being the naive simpleton that I am, assumed my obsession with Europa would be paralleled by the members who participated in @Dangerous Maknae 's SNSD rate. But what?! Not even top 10. So that's the part where I genuinely have to ask... really?
    That's the post. Thank you.
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  20. People were generally unfair to Mr Mr album for... unknown reasons. Wait A Minute was another song that was done so dirty!
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