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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I mean, we can't get another Oh!GG comeback, and those girls are still with SM. I think we might be looking at something like Fin.K.L. or S.E.S. reunions at this point.
  2. All good things have to come to an end eventually. Ugh, I hate even thinking that to be honest.

    What I'd love is if they all left SM then signed a deal with another agency and released something all together. (and then dished the dirt on SM)
  3. The fact that Super Junior gets multiple comebacks and repackages and we can't even get another Oh!GG single...
  4. Lil touch was GARBAGE lbr
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  5. 20191108_194124.jpg
    Tiffany in Boston last night. Sold out at the Paradise, this smallish rock club in Allston-Brighton. Seats about 900.

    It was very intimate and Fany was everything you'd expect her to be: warm, sparkly, sexy, emotional, talkative, fun. She did all her new stuff, three tracks from IJWD ("IJWD", "Yellow Light", and "Talk") and she did "Run Devil Run." She had two outstanding dancers with her and a live band. It was cool. I got there late and had to stand in the back (it was GA, no seats).

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  6. Awesome! I’m seeing her tomorrow in Brooklyn. I can’t wait! I was watching her Billboard/Honda Stages on YouTube and damn can that girl sing!
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  7. She was really impressive in that department. Very confident, too.
    One thing I didn't mention was her talking about SNSD and thanking all of the Boston Sones in the audience. (Which was the vast majority of the audience, I'm sure). She got very emotional at one point, talking about how much she valued her time in the group.
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  8. She’s really had an incredible and unique journey for any artist. Leaving America at 15 years old and coming back as an adult to forage a new path. It takes a lot of courage!
  9. Our leader has had enough of the “I was almost in SNSD” stories.

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  10. Not another 'the 8 of us’ dddd
    Okay but the good old sis is manipulating her own memories to forget about one particular trainee who was there sweating too (and had been for a longer period of time)! But it’s all good, queen. xx
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  11. That "8 of us" comment is disgusting to be honest.
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  12. What a lot of fans are going with, and I can see how that could be what she means, is mostly that she's speaking on the behalf of the other 7 current members of the group as a leader - which I can totally get behind.

    But, still. I really don't know why, generally speaking, the girls insist on putting "numbers" on discourse like this. What's wrong with simple stuff like "my members", "the members and I", etc? I'm gonna put the blame on SM for the sake of the girls, but it really does come off as a little bit bitter on their part when they keep insisting that they're 8 members, or worse, when they pretend they've always been just 8 members. Like there is literally no point. You can still ignore Jessica's departure of the group without actually erasing her from the group's story/existence.

    I guess it just rubs me the wrong way a little bit because there's mention of training, sweating, etc, behind the scenes before the group debuted - and we all know Jessica had the longest and most gruesome training period of all of them. (I know Taeyeon isn't denying that in anyway, just trying to explain my mindset.)

    I'm also getting, like, major whiplash from seeing a situation like this one, and then going to the Western side with the Pussycat Dolls reunion and seeing the girls having no issues at all speaking freely about Melody sitting on the reunion, mentioning her name and saying she wasn't feeling like coming back, and then going onto Twitter to find some clips of the AOA girls having no issue making fun of their shrinking number of members... Like, wheeew. Why SM acts are always such a mess when it comes to this.
  13. He


    I think this is SM's culture of the "perfect idols". Where a good image is always at the forefront.

    I hope they can acknowledge Jessica one day.


    On the other hand, you have Cherry Bullet unacknowledged disappearing members, ha.
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  14. She could just say "the SNSD members" instead of exactly mentioning the number of members but regardless, I always live for savage Taeyeon. "I was almost an SNSD member" must be the most tiring thing I've heard on these reality shows.
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  15. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    @nikkysan why are u reminding me of my dark (but iconique) past omfg
  16. [​IMG]

    Can SM hurry up and upload the rest of their discography to Spotify already?
  17. It really frustrates me that I can’t listen to any of their Japanese material on Spotify...
    It would also be nice to listen to their music that predates The Boys...
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  18. Jessica mentioning Yuri as her friend... A winning for @Vixen today

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  19. Another win for the OT9 stans. We're thriving! xx
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  20. Happy tenth anniversary to Oh!

    Here are some fun facts about this release.
    - The album was the first korean album to include different photocards of the members. It had only been done previously by TVXQ in a japanese release. Which means SNSD helped #pavetheway for physicals surpassing digitals.
    - The album is a disk daesang winner - which is difficult to get, not everybody has that - literally. With Oh!, SNSD is still the only girl group to win the disk daesang at the Golden Music Awards.
    - We actually have an alternate version of Oh!. It originally included a different pre-chorus and more english. You can watch the girls rehearse to it.

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