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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. The original version has always felt better to me. It's more melody-driven, I feel like. The vocals sound a little bit better too dddd
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  2. Seeing Tiffany in concert later. I am so excited!
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  3. "Oh!" was such a damn revelation to me when it was just released.

  4. The cultural impact that this has. THE CLEARANCE!
  6. Over the last few days there have been quite a few articles wondering if SNSD was gearing up for a comeback based on "hints" the members have been dropping on Instagram.

    And today a (in)famous SNSD insider said this

    Hopefully the stars do align this time around. All of them have clear schedules at the moment...
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  7. What are the logistics of a comeback for them now that quite a few of the members are no longer with SM? The last comeback with all 8, those members were out of contract and I thought the abrupt end to promotions was when it was decided that they wouldn't re-sign? I still really hope that we can get an OT9 reunion one day...
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  8. I’d actually be fine with an Oh!GG comeback.
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  9. I get the feeling that if it's a comeback, it's for Oh!GG, yeah. Which I wouldn't be mad about?
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  10. I'll be fine with anything at this point, dddd.
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  11. I just hope whatever we get is a proper comeback. I don't want another two tracks on a flash memory that actually has the potential to be a hit but is forgotten by everyone in a week because Yoona is busy with her 5th groundbreaking single ALBUM and Sunny can't leave her dream job of being a barista for a week.
  12. Nawt Sooyoung and Jessica hanging out again!

    Imagine if they posted a picture together.
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  13. YouTube recommended some KPop related videos to me and I fell into a nostalgic hole of rewatching the highlights from their variety shows. Jesus, how much do I love these girls? They were honestly the first girl group who I followed religiously, because not only they delivered on stage, they were so entertaining off of it. Like, Sooyoung killing everything in her path with her wit is something to witness, indeed. Or Seohyun slowly coming out of her shell and surprising those around. Or Hyoyeon saying "fuck it" at some point and going straight for the jugular with every opportunity she had.
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  14. He


    Do we think there is some sort of clause for them to never bee seen in public with Jessica?
  15. I saw something on Twitter this morning about Sooyoung and Jessica being together recently based on some Instagram posts.

    Based on my limited experience of reading how the labels are with their acts I would not be surprised if they were forbidden from being pictured with Jessica in public. We've seen how labels really have no problem discarding, or just making no effort with, girl groups in spite of their previous successes - I bet things were definitely said to this affect otherwise, unless they all did really fall out with Jessica, then we'd have seen them pictured together by now. It's been five and a half years for God's sake.

    We'd know all the dirt by now if this was a US group. I hope we get some inside stuff on this one day.
  16. He


    But would any legality be still present for those who are not in SM?

    More likely they just fell out with each other, eventually. And maybe there's not bad blood but they're just old co-workers.

    A bit how 4-ARA don't acknowledge Boram and Soyeon anymore. Painful, really.
  17. I do think the k-pop industry as a whole maintains a safe distance from Jessica because that's how they tend to treat idols who end their contracts in a big show.

    A lot of this hide and seek has to do with the fans - 930 scarred sones pretty badly and sides are still being taken to this day. I mean, I have my own reservations about the whole thing.

    I imagine a picture with Sooyoung for example would just reopen the can of worms.
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  18. The girls (minus Tiff who's in the States) performed Kissing You and Complete together at their manager's wedding!!!!

    Rehearsal at SM's practice room:

    At the wedding:

  19. They all look so good.
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