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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. An oldie but a goodie. Sooyoung is me in every haunted house (fun fact I am banned from one because the guy reached out to touch me and my instinct was to punch him.) I love how when she realized it was Minho she worked her magic and it did work, he had no problem getting the other girls. It’s one of the many reasons why she is my queen!
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  2. Exactly 10 years ago, a girl named Yuri invented the concept of BODY

    literally one of the most gorgeous idols ever
  3. Love & Peace is literal nonstop bangers omg. Except for Linguafranc [/roxxxyandrews]
  4. Ok so like I know people always made fun of Jessica for being lazy and I always just kinda figured she wasn't a good dancer but I just came across this and wtf?
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  5. She was always just lazy. Although I'm not exactly sure why she really couldn't be bothered half the time. I know there were discussions of her having anemia, but I'm not sure if that was ever legit or not.

    If I'm recalling correctly, when SM first snatched her, they thought she could be the next BoA (good dancer, good singer).

    As far as I know, initially she was meant to be part of SNSD's dance line until they realized she was probably an even better singer than dancer so they focused on that instead. Switched her to 'Main Vocal' along with Taeyeon and then the rest is history. x
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  6. She was known as the ice queen or something, the entire "lazy" persona was probably just to go with that. Like that time they performed "The Boys" and she came down in some sort of basket while all the others danced their asses off, iconic.
  7. Fair enough if they wanted her to focus on vocals but like you said, it doesn't make sense why she couldn't put in a little more effort. I just feel like that kind of behavior is uncommon in K-idols?
  8. Oh, in case it was confusing, I am not saying she became a lazy dancer so she could focus on vocals (because that would be hypocrite ddd. Girl would barely dance and still lipsynch kiii). Just that... she was supposedly meant to be part of the dance line (and the video above shows she definitely had the skills for it), but SM clearly switched her up to the vocal line instead since she ultimately debuted as the group's second main vocalist.

    It's definitely weird. It's hard for me to remember because back then I really wasn't too much aware of what was told on the Korean side. Sure, there were translators, but I don't know...the information was just so much less accessible than it is right now with the likes of Stan Twitter.

    Anyway. Point is : I don't know how much 'flack' she got from the GP for being lazy (I know some fans were annoyed with her, but I mean....eeeh I was annoyed too with some of the weaker vocals from the dance-line, so like... I thought it was fair all around!).... but when I see how much hate Jennie or Lia get for being below average dancers or "lazy" in their respective group, it does make you ponder about what was said of Jessica's laziness.

    Speaking of the 'ice princess' persona...Am I the only one who always thought that was bullshit? I remember watching Variety TV with the group back in the day. Jessica was one of the funniest members back then, and she was quite constantly smiling too. Never got 'cold' from her. Shady? Definitely, but not cold. In fact, I remember thinking Taeyeon always felt more like a "cold" person than Jessica ever did. Thoughts?
    Even better : Krystal. Now that was an Ice Queen ddd.
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  9. Jessica was given the name ‘ice queen’ because she looked cold. I remember a video where she talked about it where she people automatically assume she is frosty and a ‘bitch’ based on how she looks. But she never was.

    The laziness however, whew. watching back some OT9 performances and you can tell that she just can’t be bothered.
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  10. Speaking of Jessica, does anyone watch her YouTube channel? The videos are so calming, in a weird way. Like I finally know what to put in the emergency make up bag that I don’t possess, make an everyday top knot with the long hair I don’t have and what a shopping day with Krystal would look like.
    Truly the lifestyle guru I needed.

    Also playing a drinking game with... green tea was weirdly on brand for her nn.
  11. The green tea drinking game was the first and last one I watched. That confirmed everything for me!

  12. Ahem.


    Hello, fellow Golden Stars SONEs!

    For anyone concerned, I am hosting a Taeyeon's discography rate. I am entertaining the idea of extending the deadline to meet the needs of some people, so you guys might have some time left to participate! How fun is that! x



    (Am I annoying? Yes, potentially...But here's another perspective. Am I not just putting the amount effort we all wish SM would put in their promotion? Food for thoughts! x)
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  13. Has there ever been a SNSD discography rate? I'd definitely be up for that.

    EDIT: So I checked and there's been a singles rate and a b-sides/album tracks rate, but not a full discography rate. Would there be any interest?
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  14. I can't wait to be one of the highest scorers for the Run Devil Run repackage.
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  15. I gauged interest in one a few years ago @nikkysan but there wasn’t much interest.
  16. I would totally do it. Already have like...six songs in my head to through into the pile of potential 11s.
  17. I always thought Taeyeon could come across that way as well. I can’t say I got that feeling from Jessica while she was in the group. But after, maybe.

    Uh, yeah. Any excuse to listen to there full discography.
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  18. Do it. Give Me Taxi An 11 though otherwise don’t do it
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  19. I would tank Gee tbh
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  20. I respect what Gee achieved...
    But I’d probably tank it too...
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