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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

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    I mean she looks good, but she's not dancing much / the camera is at a more flattering angle.

    "Dessert challenge" ranking:

    Sunny / Taeyeon
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    we only need one more!

    And then an announcement of an OT8 comeback.
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  3. Miss Seohyun saw you disrespecting Tiffany Young and sacrificed herself.
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    Oh my God
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  5. Yoona was there so I’m sure hers isn’t far behind.
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  6. They did a post on 5th August last year for 12 years, so it's probably nothing special.
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    They chose Holiday?! Ddd.

    It'll be a v-live.
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  9. Feels appropriate to post...not the ICONIC Tokyo Dome performance but I didn't feel right posting something in celebration that didn't have Jessica. That intro!!!!
  10. Happy anniversary to GG!
    Having been converted with Run Devil Run, this is my 10th anniversary with them. Let me post one of my favorite performances to celebrate:

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  11. I just love them so much.
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  12. Ugh my heart is full after seeing that. Even if this is all they do every year, it’s wonderful to see them together.
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  13. It's great to see them all together again. They really are the best K-Pop girl group ever!
  14. Someone uploaded their The Best concert in the Tokyo Dome and in glorious HD. It's TWO HOURS AND FIFTY MINUTES LONG. It's banger after banger after banger after banger, honestly my senses are royally overloaded right now.

    All I want is for them to do a "world" tour. I will find the money, I will go to wherever I need to go even if it's by myself.
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  15. It’s their best tour by far.
  16. I have it on Blu-ray and it's such a killer show.
  17. The first hour of the show is relentless in its boppery. The way I gagged during the Animal/Hoot medley.
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  18. Also fuck SM for taking their Japanese albums off Spotify again.
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  19. I’ve probably posted this video before, or at least mentioned it but I was going through YouTube and saw this again. I have long stated my unabashed love for Sooyoung and saying she to me was the prettiest. I do think Yuri was lower than where she ended up but at the end of the day it’s subjective.

    I also stumbled on a video that’s supposed to be members talking about OT9 or making references or hell just mentioning Jessica existed. Some was a stretch but some parts refreshing. My favorite was a guy on a variety show, in which Sunny was a guest, talking about being a fan and memorizing all their names and when he said 9 I instantly was like oooooohhhh, he rattled them off and Sunny held up her fingers counting along and when he said Jessica, she did count her. That’s probably the most direct acknowledgment I’ve ever seen of her. Whenever a song plays and it has Jessica’s vocals I always immediately pause and look to see the expression on their me Sunny was the worst in hiding it. I used to think Sooyoung was one of the better ones but in another clip a radio station is playing goodbye and you can see the look on her face changes when she hears Jessica’s voice, she goes into deep thought and I can only imagine what she was thinking but it was different from the panic and poker face that the girls always tried their best to do whenever it happened.

    Obviously we don’t know if in private some have spoken since but one day when their idol days and SM are behind them, I hope they can reconnect. What they achieved together is something only the nine of them share and I think that’s a powerful bond that will always exist between them, even if the girls themselves don’t like it. —-Wow, I came in here just wanting to post the video but I got a little philosophical there.
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