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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I just bought their Japanese albums (and The Boys album which weirdly is their only Korean album that still isn't on Spotify) on iTunes since I figured the chances of them ever being put up on Spotify is unlikely.
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    Both Girls & Peace and Love & Peace were such a source of comfort during my master's thesis, I'm glad I passed because I would have ruined them for me otherwise.

    Yuri cooking for the girls is such a great time, the second and third video are specially great (Taeyeon jokingly telling Seohyun: oh you're not in Oh! GG?, dddd).

  3. The fact that I can’t use Spotify in the US to show potential new SONE’s Karma Butterfly is a crime! I always show them this video and have them take the journey of You-Aholic, followed by Karma Butterly, then into The Great Escape! If I was there in person I would have went INSANE.
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  4. This is them at their peak... They're just so good. Like, who's doing it like them? Nobody!
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    I miss them

    Their power and confidence.

    I wish I could go back in time and live my life as an out and proud SONE.
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  6. This is a pop music emergency girls!

    This producer called JOONY said he's working on SNSD's new single.

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  7. Lol, I bet they won’t be any more.

    Do we trust this person? But why would they lie?

    I was watching clips of them all earlier on variety shows.

    I pray this can somehow be properly promoted and performed.
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  8. Surely just because he’s submitting it doesn’t mean it’s been asked for?
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  9. Sorta somewhere between these two, I think.

    From what I know about the process, it sounds like SM has put out a call to some production groups for a new Girls’ Generation single. Multiple groups will submit bids and SM will decide if they like any of them. So he isn’t under contract or anything (yet), which would be contingent on SM choosing his particular bid.

    It’s exciting because it seems likely that SM considers Girls’ Generation one of their active groups. Each group at a label has a different style, Red Velvet songs sound different than NCT songs sound different from SHINee songs, etc. So if they’re fishing for bids for Girls’ Generation specifically, I think that’s really promising.

    Unless it’s for the new girl group and they just don’t want to reveal that to producers/writing camps yet for some reason, ddd. Slay!
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  10. Ready for whatever lukewarm tea she spills in this book

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    I... watched it all.

  12. It feels like such a weird take. Also, a bit uneducated too ddd.
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    I just find it hilarious. Stans will stan.

    It’s fun to see how the parts sounded after Jessica left, I didn’t know.
  14. I’ve been avoiding that video in my recommended for like three months, “lol.” I’m not the biggest Jessica fan but I had to dip out on the second song when they were praising DVD concert vocals live-pitch-corrected to high heaven.
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  15. It’s like all those “vocal coach reacts to [Kpop artist] MV” videos that keep popping up now. You think they sound like that in real life? We’ve never heard them live!
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  16. Tiffany - A History of Bad Singing is still so iconic.
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    To be fair Sooyoung (surprised she's tried singing so much after leaving SM), Tiffany, Seohyun, and Taeyeon are kind of easy to come by with live vocals, either because they do low-key concerts (the first two) or are just consistently good (the latter two).
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  18. I actually do think you can hear them in some instances. Obviously being the resident Sooyoung stan, I think she is better than some give her credit for, someone once described her as the bridge between the vocal line and the dance line and I think that’s a perfect description of her voice. The video of she and Tiffany singing Sailing at her charity event is obviously very much them singing and I thought both sounded great.

    Even though I came in once Jessica had long been gone, it is still sometimes jarring to hear other people sing her parts. If I have a choice between a Jessica version and non Jessica version I’m always going to be when I found the audio of someone adding Jessica’s English bits of Catch Me If You Can into the Korean version.

    However I did love that because the vocal line was already so over worked, at some point they had to use the dance line to cover some of Jessica’s parts because Taeyeon and Tiffany could only take on so much. I always thought Sooyoung got the most but I think it was just that she got Jessica’s verses in the “big songs” on the Phantasia tour like Gee and Genie.
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  19. As far as I can see the person who took Jessica's part is just whoever was close to her in the formations.

    Otherwise you would have to re-record and re-choreograph every single performance.
  20. Jessica’s book is out. It’s a very light and entertaining read and lots of SONES already have theories as to who is who in the book.
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