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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.


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    I'm enjoying it myself too. It's a cute little read so far.
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  2. Random but I love that has time had gone on...some of the girls are starting not to flinch as much when someone brings up there being 9 members of Girls Generation. They used to always panic but now they either say nothing and kind of nod, or course correct later. For example, Sunny on a tv show and some guy was rattling how he remembered all the girls names in groups and the last group was the “English names” Jessica, Tiffany, and Sunny. As he was rattling them all off she was counting them on her fingers. Also this latest clip going around of Yuri in an interview and the guy kept saying nine and she smoothly inserted, “well we’re eight now.” Small scraps but I appreciate them saying and doing that rather than the whole “when I found out we were debuting as 8 members” and all that other fed lines SM gave them.

    I know we’ll never know but I do hope that some of them kept in touch. When it’s all over, I hope they can sit down and have a conversation...they don’t have to be best friends but I think they accomplished to much together and kind of like the Spice Girls I hope when they start getting married or having kids, maybe they can let some of that stuff not go obviously because it affected them all, but to maybe heal from it a little.——(Sorry I’m in a weird headspace today, my apologies.)
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  3. He


    Have they said they debuted as 8? Damn.
  4. He


    Not me calling AOA queens for being a group that acknowledged their past after that post, ddd. Oh, hindsight.

    I hope Soyeon doesn't talk about her "almost in SNSD" trainee days in that new show, Taeyeon is going to snap.
  5. @ Anyone who is reading the Meaning of Jessica Jung: Memoir of An Imperfect Unnie, please let us know about all the shady parts.
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  6. It’s not out in the UK for another week. Jealous of everyone reading it. I hope we get some sly comments from the non-SM members.
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  8. Don’t quote me for sure but I believe there was a woman on some show that says she was almost a part of the group and Taeyeon apparently said something about it to say it wasn’t true and referenced that the 8 of us worked so hard to debut and basically like no you weren’t etc. I can’t remember who it was but another girl in an interview talked about learning they were going to debut as 8 girls...

    Obviously we know this is all SM directed of can always see the panic on the girls faces when they would be promoting and an old song would play and Jessica’s voice would play (a radio station....Weekly Idol). I’m truly surprised SM didn’t re-record their biggest hits to remove Jessica from them.

    It’s always a weird subject for me as a fan who came in WAY after Jessica was gone. Some of my favorite songs are OT8 but when I went backwards and got used to 9, it was a little weird. Jessica wasn’t even in my top 3 members but if you wanna leave/you got kicked It’s the whole pretending she didn’t exist and not being allowed to say her name bothers me and shows the stranglehold these companies have over their artists and it’s the part of KPOP I hate and try to ignore.

    Also, just realized and saw that Jessica’s book being released from on 9/30 was basically planned and an Easter egg for fans...I know she was called an ice princess but that was an ice queen move.

    Again I’m not a SONE who has been there from the beginning and I basically had to do research online which is never 100% accurate so if anything is wrong, my apologies...just what I’ve read, put together, and interpreted.
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  9. I know that SM is doing just fine, but it always seemed to me that they one thing from which SM would never completely recover is the removal of Jessica from SNSD...
    And forcing the 8 remaining girls to pretend like she never existed only made things even weirder...
    They don’t need to spill all of the details, but allowing them to speak candidly about debuting as 9 members would probably make interviews a hell of a lot less stressful or awkward...
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