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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I really hope it's a "full" album like the 10th anniversary one. Can be just 10 tracks long like 'Holiday Night' instead of a +12-tracks affair, but yeah I just want as many (new) songs as realistically possible.
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  2. I hope we get a proper promotional schedule and a few MVs.
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  3. He


    We will get two tracks, a promo cycle shorter than Holiday Night, and we will eat it up.
  4. I don’t think we’ll see them on any music shows.
  5. I think we will get a full album, one MV and a few variety show appearances. I would love a performance but maybe they'll throw us a bone and release a dance version of the MV.

    Now if they really want to make money... what about a tour girls x
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  6. According to Hyoyeon, the album is about 50% done.

    I'm really going to need SM to call their old A&Rs from Universal Japan and have them scour the hard drives of swedish producers for a banger like this

  7. It does feel like a natural progression of the soundscape SNSD had on their first Japanese album (that to be fair, they did lose on the following albums even if the material was still good obviously). I wouldn't be mad about it, to say just that.

  8. It's so weird seeing her... do...idol stuff.

    She's kind of eating too. x
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    Ok but that stage is great. Queendom wishes.
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  10. Oh wow! It’s so good to Jessica perform like that again!
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  11. Oh she feasted!! The song is a bop too.
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  12. Seeing this and just her being in a group setting in honestly just making me wish we could get a 2022 OT9 performance of 'Mr Mr' or something dddd. Like they would eat.

    Still, I'm excited for whatever SNSD has cooked up for us.
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  13. He


    Jessica is really serving huh? She said: I’m a popstar.
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  14. She really ate this like it's 2011 again!
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  15. He


    I truly love seeing that fire from her. Never return to the Korean industry, queen, they don’t deserve you.
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  16. Oh wow the first episode of SoshiTamTam is so long

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  17. Can't wait for some more OT8. Been so long!
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  18. Sooyoung with blonde hair is unreal.
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