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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. He


    I was ready for a sexy sparkly bop, but I’m still hopeful.
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  2. Yeah this wasn't my fantasy for this comeback at all but I'm not disliking it?
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  3. Agreed, not what I wanted but it’s only 10 seconds so we’ll see.
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  4. 20 minutes to go!! I can’t believe I’m back living in Girls’ Generation! How exciting.
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  5. How is it girls? I can’t listen yet!
  6. Listening now.

    Um Lucky Like That is a direct rip off of Dagny’s Love You Like That?… the writers seem different… did they literally just steal it?
  7. Oh shit it absolutely is!
  8. That’s a bit rude… they’re Scandinavian writers as well so they must be aware.

    Lawsuit incoming!
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  9. Do they not share anyone credited?

    I’ve no idea how it works but I can’t find full credits for Dagny’s song. Anyone remember back in the day with CD booklets you would read song credits and it would contain phrases like “contains a sample of…” or “contains an interpolation of…” or something like that.

    Being such a high profile release it would surprise me if something hasn’t already been arranged. But it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened.

    Shame because it’s one of my favourites.

    Villain, Closer, Freedom and Paper Plane are also standouts for me.
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  10. Nope.

    According to a Billboard interview, Dagny’s is written and produced by Jason Gill and Michelle Buzz.

    SNSD’s song is written by one of the Deb’s and some others I’ve not heard of according to Wiki
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  11. Ummm??

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  12. I would die if they did a concert show in Seoul, streamed for international fans.

    The Best at Tokyo Dome is incredible, I'd love to see them try and top it.
  13. She’s not talking about a previous tour then in the last 15 years?
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  14. Villain is fire, that needs to be a single
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  15. He


    I doubt they’re promoting this for long. I hope we get some stages though.
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  16. Same, I’m not actually expecting a 2nd single
  17. He


    I’ll be happy if they do one music show.
  18. Maybe a repackage but unlikely.

    I just hope this is huge and it encourages them to not be gone for so long.
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  19. It’s such a stan fantasy but I would love it if they just did just one international tour. Please come to London so I can see them just once!

    I remember for the 2nd Japanese album they had all those cities listed in the airport for the album art and people kept saying it was the destinations for a tour nn
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