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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I believe so.
  2. I always knew Sooyoung was my fave for a reason
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  3. I really hope they perform Freedom at some point. It's so effing good!
  4. A good start so far!

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  5. I found Forever 1 a bit disjointed at first but it has been stuck in my mind after several plays. Closer and Paper Plane though... flawless, modern classics.
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  6. It's been 3 days and it always JUST LIKE A LOVE BOMB! WE ARE ONE! in my mind.

    I think "Freedom" is my favorite so far.
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  7. He


    The title track is great. I truly love the different sections of the chorus.

    Hyo’s rap is the only thing that doesn’t quite fit.
  8. Quite a few tracks in the second half of the album give me Janet Jackson inspired. Closer, Mood Lamp and Freedom in particular are sooooo good. Im scared we’re never going to see any of these performed. Praying for even just a one-off album based show.
  9. "Freedom" is an instant classic. That final minute with the chorus repeating and the members harmonizing and ad-libbing... not everyone has that! To their credit!
  10. Genuinely can’t wrap my head around how excellent this album is, easily their most consistent since Love & Peace, and already one of their best. That second half especially is a career high for them.
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  11. I think I still prefer Holiday Night overall but this is still a really great album.
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  12. This is definitely my favourite Korean album from them. Every song is so good!

    Not sure if it beats the 1st Japanese album or not though. Time will tell.
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  13. Really come around to Forever 1 and that subtle INTW sample is such a nice touch. Honestly just happy seeing them together as a group after so long.
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  14. If this is true the world is a cruel, cruel place.

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  15. Paper Plane has me in a chokehold. What a song. What a closer.
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  16. Gutted about the music shows but hopefully they'll be able to do it next week. Hoping SM decides to drop a dance practice to make up for it.
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  17. They’re having a concert in Seoul in September that’s being live streamed.
    We’ll be lucky if they perform any deep cuts, I can see them sticking to the main title tracks, but it would be amazing if they squashed in a Japanese b-side medley.

    Honestly I can’t wait to see them perform their hits again I feel quite emotional at the thought, I have such a connection with this group that’s so hard to describe - I think it’s because I was so into them when so much was happening in my life age 16-21.
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  18. I basically let play Paper Plane > Forever 1 back to back every single morning now.
    Shoots in a great catalogue!
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  19. The whole album is so easy to listen to fro start to finish. It’s a shame it’s so short!
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