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Girls' Generation

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

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    Hyoyeon's "dance break" is offensively shit.
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    I'm in love with Paparazzi right now. It's very Jessica/Tiffany centric which isn't bad. I want more Sooyoung though! Hyoyeon was non-existant until her "dance break" part.
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    Yeah it was a shame Hyoyeon had not much spotlight time in Paparazzi :(.

    Even her dance break routine was crap, ugh.
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    Yeah, it was not a great dance break. i think if anyone got shafted though it is Yuri. She is not in it a lot. Hopefully she'll shine during the lives or their next single.
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    If that is what dance breaks have come to in Kpop I give up. Essentially all she did was a hair flip in slow motion.
  6. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: Girl\'s Generation

    I don't get it, SM really seem keen on watering her down. At least it's still some sort of solo and she gets a couple of lines so I'm sort of happy but the choreography is so good for everything else it confuses me the actual dance break is rubbish. I'm so glad Yuri isn't hogging the camera this time, she's not really loved anywhere besides Korea anyway is she? SooYoung gets the love in Japan as far as I know...

    I'm watching old Into The New World videos and Hyoyeon's voice shines in that song as well as her then solo dance break, now doesn't she have to share it with Yuri? Ugh... at least the fans still only chant Kim Hyoyeon!
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    Poor Yuri! She's never hogged the camera?

    I really like Paparazzi now, the production is amazing.
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    Erm when has Yuri ever had a lot of screen time? She had the least amount of lines in the Boys. Yuri is one of the most popular members in Korea and about 5th most popular in Japan. Yoona is the most popular in both countries. Sooyoung is far more loved in Japan than in Korea, but she's still not the most popular. She only shares the dance break with Yuri on special stages, I don't see the problem in that seeing as the dance break is better with both in my opinion.

    Sorry but Hyoyeon's fans in general really annoy me at times with all their whinging about 'she's so underrated', 'why does this member get more screentime?' etc etc. Especially seeing as Hyoyeon has said she doesn't care if she's at the back or whatever, as long as she's on stage she's happy.
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    Hyoyeon gets highlighted quite a bit anyway. More than Yuri and SooYoung I'd say.
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    Yeah, although getting Sooyoung an MC job was the best thing they could've done. She's talker #1. Haven't watched it yet but hopefully it's loose enough that she can be as funny and entertaining as she is.
  11. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: Girl\'s Generation

    Yuri, I dunno I always feel even when she doesn't have any vocal prominence her face is still shoved onto everything. I know she is the visual but still, it annoys me at times. Yoona, next. Bland, I think she is like the Cheryl Cole of Koreans and Korea. She's that generic pretty, I don't think I've ever seen personality or anything to relate to her come from her.

    She *was* completely underrated before The Boys and global attention when SM actually saw people take an interest in her they then vamped up her appearance and whatnot. At least now she's on Dancing With The Stars, looks the best she ever has and is seemingly getting more lines.
    It is justified to complain because her voice is actually quite nice and she rarely gets any time to shine and her look before was disastrous.

    Really? Honestly I've never noticed that with SooYoung, I always thought she was loved/gets decent enough screentime.
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    I'm surprised to read Sooyoung isn't that popular. She's by far the prettiest, to me and the most likeable one. In fact she's the only one I noticed when I first got interested in SNSD. She seems to be really popular in France and Europe though, haha, I remember her getting a lot of cheers during SM TOWN. Less than Hyoyeon but still more than some of the most popular ones.
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    Yuri is a much much better singer than Hyoyeon. Yuri is the best singer out of the dance line. Yuri isnt the visual as well, she's he second main dancer. There's a reason why Hyoyeon doesn't get many lines and it's because she's so off pitch live. I love Hyoyeon a lot, but there's no denying that. Complaints and hate against Yoona is so old and boring now. She can't help that Shes the 'face' or 'centre'. She's a ridiculously hard worker and has to deal with the busiest schedule out of all of them and I've never seen her complain about it or put on a sulk. When they were in America for SMTOWN NYC she had a fever and pretty much fractured her ankle during a performance but still kept on and didn't stop. If you think she has no personality then you obviously haven't watched enough or any shows with snsd. She's pretty much known for being a tomboy that plays pranks on them all along with Hyoyeon.

    There's so much I want to say about Yoona but I think it's all put together nicely in this read, its a bit long but yeah

    The amount of respect I have for Yoona is so so great. It's a pity that a lot fans only want to see her as the girl that sits in the middle and looks pretty. When she's so so so so so much more than that.
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    SooYoung seems to be the one that the Western fans immediately gravitate towards. They should use her more if they ever go for the US.
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    The first time I saw SNSD was Run Devil Run.. I hated Sooyoung. She is now my bias. Just watching their variety shows makes me love her. I really want them to do a new one soon..
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    WOO SNSD won best Album of the year (DESERVEDLY SO) at the VMAJ.
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    Very well deserved! (And beating Lady Gag is an added bonus).
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    I agree with Ribzy. Yoona is always so cheerful and cheeky!

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Re: Girl\'s Generation

  20. Resi12

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    Re: Girl\'s Generation

    Delighted and well deserved, were they there to pick up the award?
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