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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by truman, May 1, 2012.

  1. The blog-o-sphere hasn't been very kind to the show but I think it's one of the most real, accurate and funny shows out there at the moment.

    Lena Dunham is crazy-talented (she acts, writes, directs it all) and AMAZING.

  2. I really like it even though it's not without its problems. Episode 3 was ah-mazing. I loved the writing (THAT scene with the ex-boyfriend...) and the ending was just great. I love Lena, I even liked Tiny Furniture. (which everyone hates, apparently).

    Also, HBO just ordered a second season. Yay.
  3. It's okay. Feels too deliberately difficult sometimes, like I'm sure most young women aren't as fucking awful as Marnie or as self absorbed as Hannah. I like Jessa and Shosanna a lot though.
  4. I am so obsessed with this show. It's brilliant. May I just mention how incredibly fit Hannah's boyfriend is? He's perfect.

    So many amazing scenes. I loved the bit where Hannah went for the job interview and she got serious verbal diarrhea.
  5. I love this show - I don't know why the show gets that much (online) hate. It's funny and yes, it is so real.
    I don't really like Jessa but the other ones are great.
  6. I can't believe Marnie's boyfriend did that.
    What a douche.

    Also, the two women at the office were HILARIOUS.
  7. I'm so glad Hannah didn't break up with Adam, at least he'll remain on screen for the foreseable.

    Those girls in the office were amazing and so was Shoshanna.

    I love this show so much.
  8. Adam is fucking disgusting. Hannah is a dickhead for staying with him. I cannot sympathise with her AT ALL. Just a stupid, unlikable girl who's nowhere near as smart as she obviously thinks she is.
  9. Everyone knows someone like Hannah.
  10. This is amazing purely the inclusion of Hannah rocking out to Robyn.
  11. Just watched the 5th episode. The scene between Adam and Hannah at the end was amazing.
  12. This is turning out to be the best thing ever. The masturbtion scene was just too amazing. Only thing missing was lack of Soshonna who I think has grown quite hilarious. I could watch all the episodes over again which I wouldn't normally do with a TV show.
  13. I loved the bit when Soshonna was watching Jessa have sex and at first she looked super uncomfortable and then she bit down on the curtain - amazing!!
  14. Couldn't stop laughing when Hannah tried to have sex with her boss.

    Also, Hannah and her gay boyfriend shouting "SCISSOR SISTERS" was comedy gold.
  15. "I know you want to fuck me"

    Oh my god. I couldn't stop laughing.
  16. I really love this show. 5th episode was Hilarious/Sad. Great stuff. Hannah remains amazing. Oh, and the whole thing between Marnie and Charlie was just heartbreaking.
  17. Charlie is also very hot but a total wet blanket.
  18. He looks and reminds me SO much of a guy I used to date, it's actually freaky.
  19. T&C


    I wanted to try this show out but switched to it during a scene where one of the girls basically offered to give her boyfriend more blowjobs if he didn't dump her. Switch.
  20. This episode was the weakest yet, but it was still good.

    Loved the dance to Keri Hilson.

    So so so wrong.
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