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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by truman, May 1, 2012.

  1. Hannah's Mother made that final
    episode... what a great character, and I loved the final scene of them on the porch.
    All in all, apart from that bottle episode in the writers apartment, a great final series.

    I will miss it, roll on the 5 years later HBO special in a couple of years!
  2. Also, why was the baby black when the father is....not?
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  3. Also everyone thought Elijah was bad for Hannah when he said she would be a terrible mother and yet she was equally as vicious to her own mother.
  4. Elijah was the only poor character in this. A little too much existing in a world of one-liners and walking around in pants as much as possible with a perfect body despite eating pizza and NOT working in showbiz as planned. I'm not someone to be like "That's not MY gay experience blah blah" contrasted so strongly with the Girls themselves and their relative realism and relatability that it just...stuck out. And I'm a gay man, NOT a straight girl! There were times he read as gay sidekick/GBF trope...ALMOST. Almost. And I think they tried to correct it a little in the last two seasons but I just wasn't interested because he wasn't a character to get invested in. I almost wish they'd kept his inclusion more sporadic.

    The only episode this season I didn't need was his virtually-solo one. I don't care how much Lena Dunham wanted him to sing and dance.
  5. I liked Elijah actually. He was realistic in most ways I think. I mean, we all know at least a few gaybots more or less like him, right? And you just know he was going to be like that until his 50s or something. It was really a gay sidekick situation but...that's true of so many of our lives—don't we, as gay men, often feel "peripheral" in straight friends' lives? (Also I doubt "Elijah & Dill" was going to last more than a year.)

    I think the confrontation between millennial Hannah and the Gen Z (?) teen is my fav moment of the last season.
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  6. Not really and no. I feel at age 25 I see the ways my life will be markedly different (because of my sexuality) to that my straight friends, and that expectations of us placed by society (and each other) are very different to those placed on straight people. I don't feel like the show explored that much at all (and why should it? Elijah is a b-lister). I have many many many LGBT friends and it is these people I feel most kinship. I have amazing straight friends and varying levels of love for them, I don't feel like some peripheral automaton to straight people.

    Though I know many LGBT folk struggle with making friends from the community and only hang out with straight people. Maybe it's different.

    I know Elijah was meant to be awful too (that's from the mouth of the creators) but I think they never got him right once he became a regular. We can all saw "the girls are awful!" but surely we all saw hope and humanity with the flaws (flaws is a better word than awful)? I found Elijah should have had less screen time all together or actually been developed better.

    Meh. Didn't detract really from the show overall.
  7. I liked the finale, although I liked the penultimate episode much better and definitely would have preferred that as an ending. The only thing I really disliked in the final episode was the acting of the teenage girl who seemed to have watched Alicia Silverstone's iconic turn in Clueless to prepare her for the role. It was such a jarringly campy performance that didn't really feel it fit in the world of Girls.
  8. From a music point of view, I feel like this show respected modern music so much (both obscure indie and the most mainstream of pop).

    It's refreshing to see no dissing of modern music like has been so fashionable to do.

    They really embraced it. Kudos.
  9. I didn't get to watch the sixth season when it aired as I wanted to do a complete re-watch with a best friend of mine in the summer and over the past week we just did that and I am both elated that the show holds up very well to this day (and wasn't just a thing that I liked in my mid-20's), but I'm also a little disappointed that the final season is among the lesser ones.

    The odd numbered ones (1, 3, 5) are absolutely flawless television from start to finish with not a single thing about them that I dislike and I think that while the even numbered ones (2, 4, 6) have a lot of a great moments, they also suffer strongly from uneven storytelling or characterizations. "I Love You Baby" would have been a perfect series finale, season six felt more like an epilogue. A bit of a "Catching up with the girls from 'Girls'" and not really a necessary continuation of storylines per se.

    I do love Hannah's storyline, as it's almost exactly what happened to a really good friend of mine two years ago. Generally speaking, absolutely everything in this show happened to me or one of my friends in the past five years and conversations I had with friends could almost be taken verbatim from scripts of the show, so kudos to Dunham for really being a voice of a generation and creating an influential zeitgeist-capsule with this series that's so much more smarter and well-made than it ever has gotten the proper credit for.
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