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Girls5eva - Tina Fey girl group comedy series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. T'aint nobody going to subscribe to Peacock.
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  2. Hard to tell what style of humour this show will center on from the teaser, but I will be checking it out as a Elizabeth Stan-atina Fey (even if she is only exec producing). I've been intrigued ever since I heard about the sypnosis.

    I'm assuming Paula Pell's character is going with the "significantly older than other band members" trope? See Una Healy, Sinéad O'Carroll, Sarah Harding...
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  3. Nn it stars Busy Phillips and Sara so I’ll definitely give this a watch but my expectations are through the floor.
  4. A(n entertaining) mess?

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  5. I mean this is going to be awful and cancelled after 1 series but I know I’m going to love it!
  6. This looks disappointingly awful, but just mindless enough that I’ll still watch the entire thing.
  7. Hmm. Seems like it's going to take a while for Ms Fey to recreate the magic of 30 Rock / Unbreakable.
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  8. Even Unbreakable was a few notches below 30 Rock, if we’re being honest.
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  9. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Tina's kind of lost her way.
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  10. I'll give it a watch and I don't want to judge before I see it, but technically it's only Exec Produced by Tina (and Robert Carlock) and not written by her.

    Meredith did write for 30 Rock so I have faith.

    Great News by Tracey Whitfield (and exec produced by Tina and Robert) was pretty damn good and felt like a 30 Rock spiritual successor.
  11. I slept on it after I watched the pilot but then dove back in once it was cancelled and immediately fell in love with it. It really was entertaining and well done. Also the male lead was oddly attractive....?
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  12. I do remember the first couple of episodes being a bit weak but then it hit it's stride. Pretty common in US TV I believe.

    The male lead practically plays the same character in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

    "Wash Dish Bish" and the British Shark Tank parody were particular highlights.
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  13. Great News was excellent. Definitely killed off too soon.

    This doesn't look great, but I'll probably give the first episode a go if it lands on Netflix or Now TV.
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  14. Considering the pedigree of the cast . . . This looks awful.

    I’ll give it the benefit of being a bad trailer and hope for the best.
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  15. Great News was fantastic. I won’t hear a bad word about it.
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  16. This might not be the disaster the trailer made it out to be?
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  17. It's got an 82 on Metacritic based on 6 reviews so far. Should be decent!

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  18. The few people I know who have seen it said the trailer was very misleading and that it is actually very delightful.
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