“I’m on a list with Drew Barrymore and Beyoncé. Wait! Why did I pick that order?”


Yep yep yep!

I know they did a whole episode about the group accepting Ashley's death, and Ashley Park is probably still super busy doing Emily in Paris, but damn it if I don't want Ashley back and part of the group in the present. Good to see Sara tagging Ashley, though. Hopefully that means she's at least back for flashbacks.

Anyway, really looking forward to this. Season 2 has some nice character development, but I thought the songs weren't as memorable. Season 1 had so many bangers but I'm struggling to remember the songs from season 2. Meanwhile, I still cackle at every single line of I'm Afraid.

"Not worth it."

How could I forget about B.P.E.!? I went down the Girls5eva YouTube rabbit hole and didn't even realize they did a full club remix.

Speaking of, I forgot how hilarious U Ready? is. It's like an ode to dance remixes that build up for 5 minutes and go nowhere.

„I can‘t wait to wait“ is not a great song but i find it so funny because it‘s soo stupid
John Early keeps popping up in all of my favorite shows and I can't get enough. I was even rewatching 30 Rock recently and realized he was on it too.

I think it's their best season yet, but there's still no buzz in spite of the move to Netflix so I don't see the show continuing beyond this. Happy to be proven wrong.
I'm two episodes into season 3 and I agree that the writing is so much sharper this season. Not just the jokes, but the songs are totally on point. It really does feel like they've hit their stride, so I hope this isn't it for them.

I also made the mistake(?) of listening to the entire soundtrack before watching the episodes and it's an experience trying to figure out the context. "Sweet'N Low Daddy" is a certified banger.