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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Kyle., Mar 12, 2020.

  1. I couldn't find a thread for this that wasn't five years old so...

    GLASTONBURY BABY! The lineup has just been announced and there's a little bit of gay rights to it.


    Will Miss Corona spoil it? Most likely but we can dream.
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  2. Whew Kendrick headlining.
  3. Well, she's done it. Festival is cancelled. Those with tickets will have them automatically roll over to 2021. Very sad news but completely understandable given the current climate.

    It'll also probably mean a big change to the line up given this might cause conflicts to touring schedules etc.

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  4. Sad, but completely understandable and necessary.
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  5. Inevitable, but not as sad as I was last time. Our tickets are even more like gold dust now.

    Just imagine how great 2022 will be. Best festival ever with everyone finally back on Worthy Farm and the backlog of acts that they'll be able to book!
  6. Mel B knew.
  7. No surprise. I think there's reason to hope some aspects of regular life will be possible by the summer, but events on this scale will have to wait a bit longer, especially given how much groundwork is required to prepare.

  8. This feels like it will be major.
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  9. I am so excited Billie is playing Friday night!
  10. I'm guessing she's a replacement for Taylor as Emily will have been keen to ensure we still get a female headliner. All rumours are still pointing to Kenny/McCartney on the the other days.

    Little surprised they didn't upgrade Dua from Other Stage, so hopefully she is still booked.
  11. Prayer circle that McCartney gets replaced.
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  12. Okay but why not Billie AND Taylor please, we’ve had enough crusty old men to last a lifetime.
  13. What's a Kenny.
  14. I hope Lizzo comes back, her set in 2019 was absolutely everything.
  15. Kendrick.
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  16. This is worth it just for the moaning farts in the comments on Twitter. Now announce the Spice Girls for the Legends slot please.
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  17. Sam


    Oh my fucking god????
  18. I’m mostly pleased with this. Still hoping for Dua & Harry being announced as Other Stage headliners
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  19. Looking at their tour schedules, it makes more sense logistically for Harry than Dua.

    Amazing lineup overall. I'm not sure I could ever be fussed with actually going (camping for five days, no thank you) but I'll definitely watch on TV.
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