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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Kyle., Mar 12, 2020.

  1. Sam


    There wont be anymore headline acts announced surely??
  2. It says many more to be announced on Twitter
  3. Sam


    ah okay. I’m sure in the past it’s just been the one for headliners etc. will I see you there beb???
  4. Fantastic line-up! So many great acts and I look forward to them all being scheduled at the same time.

    After being away for so long they could do with having a Thursday headliner as well.
  5. Nope just Primavussy
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  6. Bicep is a must see
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  7. Very excited to see Kendrick, Foals, Jessie Ware, Charli XCX, Doja, HAIM, Sigrid, HAIM, Bicep and Olivia Rodrigo on the lineup. But I am disappointed by the lack of BIG BRITISH POP GIRL presence.

    Hoping Dua is booked.
  8. Don't think the dates fit with Dua Lipa's schedule, she's in the middle of the Scandinavian tour that week.
    The list is great for alt female singer songwriters, Phoebe Bridgers, Clairo, Lorde, Mitski!
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  9. That lineup is stacked
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  10. Incredible lineup. Luckily I'm seeing most of the artists that I'd wanna see on it between Primavera and Mad Cool but I'd kill for the chance to see Kendrick, Diana and Billie.
  11. I am so excited girlies!!!!
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  12. Sam


    Manifesting good vibes and speedy internet for everyone trying for a coach resale at 6

  13. I've managed twice in the resale, so good luck to everyone trying.
    There'll be more than usual this year too.

    Also, have a feeling they may have been holding a Harry announcement back until his album reveal and single drops. But a lot of signs pointing to him being announced.
  14. Sam


    Kept getting through to the part where I could choose a ticket and then it said unable to allocate. Infuriating but we move. Sunday!
  15. Gotta be Sunday babes. Manifesting good vibes for it.
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  16. Sam


    See you there girls!!!!!!
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  17. Finally bagged my ticket, Sugababes (& McFly) announced for the Avalon stage and a little suggestion in an article that Rina will be there too. I’m getting excited!
  18. Sam


    Can’t believe it’s finally here!!!!
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  19. Cannot believe the tickets I booked in the office on my birthday back in 2019 are finally getting used! I am so fucking excited to get there today!
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