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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Kyle., Mar 12, 2020.

  1. Very jealous of everyone going to Glastonbury. Enjoy!
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  2. Super excited for this weekend, so many of my faves performing. I'll be pretending I'm there.

    Does BBC record/stream most of the main sets? Keen to see Charli and Confidence Man.
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  3. Will Sugababes on the Avalon stage be broadcast live tonight on iPlayer, does anyone know?
  4. Apparently not filmed at all
  5. Aaaah nooooo
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  6. I'm watching from home around other bits of life admin this weekend. Just watched Sam Fenders set and he remains one of the best artists this country has.

    Torn between watching Billie and Foals tonight but I think seeing thousands of people screaming the lyrics to Happier Than Ever is too good to miss.
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  7. pdf


    not sure that st. vincent totally works in such a large outdoor setting
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  8. Watching Confidence Man on Iplayer now. They're smashing it.
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    they reallly know how to work a stage and an audience
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  10. The crowd didn’t seem MASSIVE either… which was weird.

    I think it was the same set as Hoopla but I still got my life from my sofa! The charisma of it all
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  11. I’d just bought a pint when Billie Eilish did the “get low” bit last week in Birmingham and was raging that I’d be spilling £7 worth of booze in the middle of the month.
  12. Billie Eilish slayed last night. Sam Fender and Foals were great too.

    Were TLC miming?
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  13. There's a lot of vocal track and singing tech to support any live vocal they do, but it's pretty standard for legacy gals like this. It wasn't a half arsed show in the slightest – they served dancers and band and bops.
  14. Great backing track, beautiful backing track
  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    TLC’s band sounded incredible. Wolf Alice and Sam Fender seemed great from the bits I’ve seen, but Billie’s show was incredible - what a production.
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  16. Sam


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  17. Lily getting the reception she got warmed my heart, finally ascending to national treasure status, we love to see it.
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  18. Olivia Rodrigo did a bloody good job!
  19. First Aid Kit had the best vocals of anything I’ve watched on the iplayer so far. Enjoyed Roisin Murphy set too
  20. Diana Ross sounds like shit but I’m living
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