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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Kyle., Mar 12, 2020.

  1. tenner says she’s over-dubbed by the time it hits BBC at 6:45
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  2. Diana looked fabulous.
    Take Me Higher was a treat. Should've been a 90s smash for her.
    I also loved I'm Still Waiting.
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  3. I’m just watching her now - have the BBC been told they’re not allowed to show any close ups or something? This is very odd filming for Glastonbury?

    Edit: nevermind, they’ve sorted it out now. Must’ve been a camera issue.
  4. Well Lorde has just come on stage and she’s blonde. Big Pop Girl incoming!!
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  5. 2014

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    Self Esteem's set was fucking phenomenal???? Can't wait to see her!!
  6. Pet Shop Boys are on now but where’s Chris?
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  7. They are having major tech issues through at least the first 6 songs, Chris is stuck behind the screen.
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  8. Thought so, the screen is up now and all appears to be good on stage. Neil instantly seems happier.
  9. Bicep are killing it
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  10. Apparently Chris’s main stage set completely crashed and and he had to use the back up set, which couldn’t be moved
  11. Mind bending.
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  12. This more ravey version of Apricots is something I didn’t know I needed.
  13. PSB giving a masterclass in pop music even with technical issues.
  14. Seen them live twice and it’s oddly hard to dance to- you’re sort of stunned into stillness as it and the visuals hit you.
    So so good.
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  15. Big mistake they did not record the Sugababes gig the other day.
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  16. Minute 3.20 she stoled the show.
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  17. Favourites of the weekend:
    • Sigrid
    • Olivia
    • Years & Years
    • Paul McCartney - went on forever. Should've gone to Yungblud, but Bruce Springsteen coming out was gaspworthy.
    • Diana - couldn't hear her due to where we were stood in relation to the very strong winds, but watched it back on iPlayer today and... oyyy
    • The amount of Smart Car-sized pushchairs forcing their way through the crowds
    • So happy to have finally seen Saint Etienne, despite the rain
    • Skunk Anansie were great
    • McFly needed a bigger stage
    • Having missed Mel C on Thursday it was great she turned up to join Blossoms for a random cover of Spice Up Your Life.
    • It was so queer this year! I saw so many same sex couples holding hands and loads of guys in skirts!
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  18. Record stores sorting out their vinyl sales.
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  19. pdf


    I had her down as some polite whimsical indie girl. how wrong! she fuckin rocks.
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  20. 2014

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    Girl In Red's album is incredible but she didn't perform much from it? Brilliant performer though - the girls really killed it; Holly Humberstone's set was great as well.
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